How did I NOT address the best part about yesterday!?! I won a $100 at work during a contest at work (sorry people, all details shall remain confidential). Any extra cash flow is always welcome with open arms and ideas on how to spend it were endless. Ya, I should probably save it but as I near my quarter century marker, I think I deserve a freaking break! Let’s face it, I’m almost 25 and I’m not exactly rollin’ in the dough…so here is a small idea of how stoked I was:


So here is what I decided to put these prized dollars toward:

– new pair of Lululemon running shorts (my latest obsession that I shouldn’t keep dropping $$ on)
– sangria with girlfriends tonight
– and the rest will go to my friend’s Relay for Life team (visit their site and help a sista out!)

What would YOU spend an unexpected $100 on???