I figured my first post wasn’t really enough. So I thought a quick follow up would be lovely and here we go…

In my extremely truncated background info, I mention that I ran my very first half marathon. It was the San Diego Rock n Roll and it was a BLAST! I was lucky enough to trick an awesome girlfriend, Callie and my cousin, Karen to run it with me. We stayed together for about half before we trailed off on our own paces. I actually didn’t train as much as I should have and never exceeded 10 miles and I was soooo slow. I would totally post my time – but I don’t want you to distrust me YET. But hey – I was still standing at the end!

Here we are:

Me & Callie - just happy to be standing!

ANYWAYS – the purpose of the post. I spent most of this month in ‘recovery’. Which in my book meant that I ran less, ate more than I should have a drank too much beer and wine to ‘celebrate’. Yes yes, total slippery slope and a major fail. All of these resulted in a five pound increase. Yikes!

So while this is fun…

It’s time to start cracking the whip! Do not get my wrong, I’ve still been running 3 times a week and fitting other forms of exercise in there…but the intensity and length is not as it should be! My ‘recovery’ time is now over and I am ready to start up again. It is always more fun when you have an end goal right? My marathon running best gal friend, Ash, invited me to attend a C3 class at Corepower Yoga this evening to help me detox and start fresh…and HOLY MOLY. I’ve done C2 classes there before but WOW – talk about high level and highly sweaty yoga. But it was beyond worth it. I left feeling refreshed, well stretched and with an amazing mindset to get back into the groove! After my delicious family dinner this evening, this is the best I can do while everyone shares weekly news…


How do YOU recover after race and for how long?

What’s your favorite way to ‘crack the whip’ and get started again???

Tell tell tell…Until tomorrow…(I promise not ALL blogs will be this lengthy!)