WHY is running magical?

Thats kind of the point of this blog. I plan on regularly raving about how much I LOVE running and the hundred of benefits. On the contrary, I also plan on complaining about my off days. Most of these off days will be strongly related to what I shouldn’t have eaten earlier that day. But that is part of the journey…finding out what works and what doesn’t. You can laugh at my mistakes, and even better, commend my achievements. Don’t worry, it works both ways. You can tell me about your awful runs and eating days, and I will gladly toast to all of your amazing ones!

WHY even start a blog?

I know, I know – everyone and their mom blogs already. And I am by NO MEANS a fitness, fashion or technology expert. Oh and yes – I will address all of those topics and more. Those three things just tend to dominate my life along with food, family and lots of fun (or so I think). My ulterior motive here is to more accurate document my progress in regards to training and improving myself in general as a human being. Also, I really like to write. And aside from my day job (marketing project management software – be jealous), I think it will be fun to write about other things.

WHY should you read my blog?

Well, you don’t necessarily have to. But I would love the feedback, tips to help me improve and to have fellow running/blogging buddies! Overtime, you will discover that I am a self-proclaimed tech nerd that is wildly obsessed with online shopping and even more infatuated with learning and perfecting anything I take on. I look forward to it!