Today started GREAT. I rolled into work at 8AM (I have to stay till 5PM on days in which I do this), had my wonderful cup of coffee and typical Fiber One bar. I honestly don’t know WHY I keep eating those. They are somewhat nutritious due to the fiber and I am not one to really count carbs…PLUS, my office orders chocolate flavored ones so they taste pretty good. But here’s the truth: my jaw actually gets tired from chewing those! Conclusion: I gotta sack up and just put more effort into my breakfast. But let me tell you, it is NOT easy to get going at and be ready to focus at 7am or 8am during the week. I guess I am just not a morning person.

Oh yes, back to my day…

When I thought my week had ‘peaked’ due to my hundred dollar surprise, our sales team rails in about five deals today – send us up and over where our company needs to be in order to meet our year end goal! And you know what this means…BONUS….which means more mula to blow on food, shoes and/or running apparel. Also, I was extremely productive, had a wrap from Henry’s across the way and skipped my usual fun sized bag of Skittles as my afternoon snack (gasp!) and had myself some of this goodness:


I also stayed plenty hydrated in anticipation for my 4 miler on the treadmill which I CRUSHED! I did a boring set of intervals which was simply four sets of 5 minutes ‘easy’ and 5 minutes ‘challenging’.  Girl Talk’s All Day album has been on repeat for both running and leisure listening and that kept my truckin’ through. I usually can’t last that long on a treadmill, but like they say ‘some days are better than others’…this one was better!

My post run snack was super typical and super delicious:

Peanut butter & bananas on honey wheat toast

I almost forgot to snap a pic and already took two bites – oops!

I know I’m getting back on the wagon, but when a girlfriend comes callin’ with crisis of any sort….I come running (or driving)!! So my sister and a girlfriend met up at this lovely little restaurant/bar, Lola Gaspar in downtown Santa Ana – look it up if you’re local or ever in town, its awesome! We gossiped, giggled and sipped on a carafe of sangria. I should also confess that we opted for some dessert too…


Doesn’t my sister look SO much like me??? So while my day STARTED good….I like to think it ended amazing. Who doesn’t love Sangria, girl time and dessert???


What’s YOUR favorite post run snackroo?

Aside from Sangria and dessert…what are your favorite things to do during your ‘girl time’???