What I should be doing: packing for my 4th of July weekend in San Diego!

What I am actually doing: eating banana with peanut butter.

I think the whole idea of packing became ridiculously unappealing when I saw this…

ehhhh not so much

I actually love folding and sorting out my clean laundry (probably the ONLY domestic quality I have)…but not tonight. Earlier I met up with a couple girlfriends, drank a few glasses of wine and watched Super 8 (loved it). Its about 11:23PM over here and I am ready to pass out! What kind of 24 year old am I?? Well, since I’m ‘crackin the whip’, I plan on getting up tomorrow morning for a 6 mile run before I head down to San Diego so I figured I could use the rest.

Other than this heat, there really is no excuse for my exhaustion. My boss let us book it at noon, so I got to meet my sister for lunch and pick up those running shorts that I dedicated part of my unexpected cash prize to. The only problem was…I was a little overboard. Today’s damage:

  • Lululemon Turbo shorts (planned)
  • Lululemon Cool Racer Back tank (unplanned)
  • Calvin Klein ‘slouchy boyfriend’ cardigan (unplanned)
While my bank statement may weep, I on the other hand…
Can barely contain my excitement!!!!
I guess I should start packin’….
What are YOU doing for the long 4th of July weekend?
I went to the University of San Diego and happen to still have a bunch of friends down there! It is always a party when I go back down to visit.
What is your method for packing? 
I always wait last minute which causes me to overpack because I hate leaving stuff behind! I need to work on planning ahead.