To the 2, maybe 5 people that read this: I apologize for the lack of presence. But it was 4th of July weekend!!!! I didn’t take pictures because pictures should NOT be taken when I head down to San Diego. I am not sure about everywhere else, but the 4th of July is one of the biggest holidays in southern California – especially beach cities.

The PROS: The best food, parties and people come out to play. The cons: the best food, parties and people come out to play. The cons are the same as the pros because it results in a lack of exercise and an increase in food (and maybe some booze). HOWEVER, I did get a nice 5 miler in Saturday morning before I trucked down in the horrific traffic to San Diego. Yes – I did NOT complete the 6 I intended, but its better than nothing right?

Anyhoozle, I didn’t make it home until 11PM – I sat in traffic for about 45 minutes of that drive. Crazy. I woke up this morning feeling semi-refreshed but still icky from the weekend. So I kept the meals ‘clean’ today:

  • Breakfast: typical toast with crunchy peanut butter w/a cup of coffee (so necessary)
  • Lunch: small cobb salad and chicken noodle soup via Panera Bread
  • Snack: green apple
  • Dinner: Golden Spoon
Ok, ok, Golden Spoon isn’t exactly ‘clean’ – but the run my friend ‘forced’ (aka told me would make me feel better & skinnier) was MAGICAL. At first I felt icky and heavy, but after the first mile, I am pretty sure I was smiling on the damn treadmill. I saw some funny looks coming my way.
FYI – I usually run outside – but it was seriously 90 degrees in Orange County today. And if you really wanna know, I don’t deal well with anything over 80 degrees. 
So I rewarded myself with this…
Best way to end the day!
(Pardon the slicked back due to sweat ponytail- but I don’t do well with waiting)
How was your 4th of July weekend?
A BLAST – I tend to be a total square and can be a control freak while I’m home in OC, so SD is my chance to get out and RELAX!
What did you do to ‘recover’ and feel normal again?
That run seemed REALLY discouraging all day– but I honestly couldn’t be happier I pushed myself into 5 miles!
Irrelevant question: what are your favorite running shorts???
I’m currently experimenting still – but I really love my Nike Tempo shorts and my Lululemon turbo shorts. Any other recommendations would be LOVELY.