Usually, the phrase ‘sicki sicki gnar gnar’ is used to describe something super awesome – usually used by a surfer describing a big swell or something. But today, I’m using it to describe my state of well-being…and it is NOT GOOD. It all started last night when I started to get really cold, then I felt my throat got sore and it was all downhill from there. I ALMOST didn’t make it into the office today. But I absolutely loathe being behind on projects. So in order to put up with sitting in front of this for eight hours…

I had to pop a couple of these throughout the day….

Along with not feeling too well, my appetite went out the window and it was hard to stomach my apple and toast! I was seriously a zombie all day. Here, I’ll give ya a peak of my misery…

Yikes!!! I gulped down tons of water and crashed into a much needed afternoon nap once I got home. I also skipped my run. I also feel so heavy and sluggish when I don’t make it to the gym. Working through the sick feeling usually helps me get back on my feet – but something told me not to push it today. Always go with your gut! I didn’t even go to my fav Chinese restaurant with the family for dinner. Bummer. Luckily, my sister left her pup at home with me to keep me company and keep my mind off of my misery!



Isn’t she the cutest?!!? Let’s hope I feel a ton better in the morning and make it to at least a mellow jog 🙂

Do you prefer to try to run through a sickness, or just let yourself rest?


What is your cure for a sore throat???