I have a way better and more exciting blogpost coming up later this evening…but this weekend has been quite the whirlwind due to my birthday festivities!!! However, I WILL touch on my revelations upon turning the ripe age of 25. Not that 24 has been a bad year…but I do feel like everything has been at at standstill. Like I’ve just been turning my wheels and not moving forward! So I’ve decided on three ‘goals’ to toward to make some major changes…

1. Be more assertive in the workplace – I have always taken this ‘junior’ approach to things. But I’ve been here for three years now, and I think I may now know more than I realized. I am by no means a guru or super experienced, but more confidence in my work and ideas should be helpful.

2. ‘Clean it up’ – this is a term my friends and I use when we are trying to detox our lives after a long weekend. But I’m going to use it for my life in general. I am not saying that I will give up boozing and partying FOREVER. But I will be much more moderateĀ about it. This will only benefit my general health, soul and most importantly…running!

3. Go back to God – ok ok, now everyone is holy or religious. But I grew up in Catholic home (I have grown to become a very liberal one…eek), and putting more focus and attention in this place can only do good things for me and all those who surround me. More Sunday mornings (post run) in mass, remembering to say my grace and put efforts toward volunteering would be a part of this.

I acknowledge that none of these are big life changes, but I think overall…my big picture can and will be shifted dramatically.

How often do you set new goals or resolutions for yourself?