Some people get a birthday lunch and dinner. But this year, I got a birthday lunch, brunch AND dinner!!!! My mom is suuuuper busy and works a TON. And sadly, she was busy and couldn’t make it to the birthday lunch, brunch and first dinner. So this evening, after my struggle through four miles (this is what happens when you don’t run for FOUR DAYS), my family managed to gather AGAIN to celebrate my birthday!

We went to our favorite Italian restaurant in Newport Beach, Cucina Alessa. If you’re ever in Orange County and need a delicious place to try – I’d recommend this little spot. It can get crowded, so call ahead! I failed and only took pictures of my sisters chowing down on creme brulee…


But I feasted on a delicious Taglierini al Limone – my favorite type/cut of pasta with prawns and scallops in a white wine garlic sauce. Take that gloriousness in…I am pretty sure I just got hungry thinking about it again. Of course, what kind of meal would it be without dessert??? So of course, ‘because it’s my birthday’, I ordered TWO! Creme Brulee AND Tiramasu. It’s a good think I got up extra early this morning and knocked out another 3.5 miles!