After the fun night of dancing and one too many Jack n’ Cokes…you would THINK I would be trapped in bed all morning. But I guess at the ripe age of 25, I’ve still got it in me to get up and rally onto the important stuff. Okay, well it might also have something to do with the tacos, peanut butter and 10 glasses of agua I downed before I hit the hay. But I was up and at it at 7am, chitter chattering in excitement over a day about me 🙂 So I tricked my lovely cousin into going for a short run with me…after all, the weatherman predicted a clear and sunny day! This kind of weather is no coincident…

Lovely Huntington Beach

So happy!

What better way to kick my birthday than with a quick, short 3 miler with my cousin/best friend…and sweat out the booze from the night before?!?! Actually, I was making sure I had some room to have MORE fun later that day. Which included the following goodness…

Half marathon buddy on our way to bars in Newport!


Sunday Morning Brunch...still celebrating!

My beautiful sisters (& bottomless mimosas)

We did NOT mess around with celebrating the big 2-5. We don’t celebrate birthDAYs, we celebrate birthWEEKENDS!!!


What is your favorite birthday meal?

Usually a cinnamon roll, which I did NOT have this year 😦 But I had a pizookie from BJs which filled the void.


Where is your favorite running spot near you?

In and around Huntington Beach, along the boardwalk and up into the neighborhoods and stuff for chance of scenery. I am a beach gal and I will never get tired of it!