My awesome month continues…with ONE hiccup. The air conditioning in my car BROKE. OH MY GOODNESS. Luckily I nearly missed the crazy 90 degree weather that Orange County has endured these past two weeks. But it is still a HUGE pain in the behind to deal with not having a car. It is a good thing I have amazing sisters with more flexible schedules that me to chauffeur me to and fro. Do not fear! My excitement and positivity about this month are still high!

Today, I woke up a half hour earlier and got to log a good 5 miles in before I went into work. It was really weird starting before the sun was up – but there is something about an empty road that is calming which helps me along the way. It’s also really beautiful. Cheesy to say…but its a good reminder for me to know that I’m lucky to

  1. Be running
  2. God makes beautiful things
  3. Love running so much πŸ™‚
However, I think its time I take a breaking from breaking the bank on fun nights out and new apparel and put it towards a running watch. It’s time ti kick up the speed and keep better track of any progress (and hopefully never any regression).
All the bosses oddly planned their vacations to take place around the same time and OF COURSE someone was out sick today, so I was completely swamped and running around like a mad woman today. And I was soooo busy that I settled for a cup of coffee and what I THOUGHT was a few spoonfuls of peanut butter. Well…FALSE – definitely more than a few spoonfuls. I bought this jar to keep at my desk last Thursday…

'Healthy' PB - but still delicious!

And this was it today…


Another thing that helped me get through the day was listening to my latest music obsession…The Silent Comedy. If you really like bluesy, bluegrassy, folky music…this might hit the spot!

Ok…so a little extra sugar helped me along the way…

Other necessities

After work, my great friend picked me up and we met up with other friends to watch the Fenians (Irish cover band) play at a park in Orange. The weather was perfection – we sat down and they started playing just as the sun started to set and a nice breeze set it.

Using my sister and my hubby as a footrest.

We also brought water and some goodies…including some homemade chocolate chip cupcakes!

Ignore the horrible manicure.

Oh, and one of our buddies forgot to take this sticker pointing out that ‘5th pocket’ off of a new pair of shorts…

HAHAHA - boys are silly.

Check out my bro in law and awesome buddy enjoying some bromantical time together.

Silly - but cool how close they are!

All around, it was a WONDERFUL afternoon. Friends, live music, cupcakes and perfect weather are a great recipe for a magical summer afternoon. What could make this evening better you might wonder? Well, I’ll tell ya:

Plopping myself on my couch, with some peanut butter and my DVR. Show of choice for the average 25 year old? PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. Laugh all you want…but I just LOVE it!!!


What is your favorite guilty pleasure TV show?
Do you have a food or snack that you constantly pick at all day?