I’m a night time blogger – can you tell??? I am JUST getting back at the wee hour of 11:05PM and this is actually pretty late for me on a weeknight! But that’s okay because I got to see MARY POPPINS tonight!!!!

Today actually didn’t start off as I expected. My early morning run got cancelled due to having to pick my car up from the dealership…and ok fine – because I couldn’t get out of bed. I believe my thought process was ‘well, I ran Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday – so I deserve a break’. Probably a bad slippery slope to go down – so tomorrow, my plan is to knock out an easy three miler at the butt crack of dawn. After all, I have a week long delayed birthday dinner (yes ANOTHER ONE) with a girlfriend and an early morning, lengthiER Saturday morning run – any ideas on what a good distance would be? I’m thinking six or eight since I usually hit about three or four during the week.

The good news: my car’s air conditioning is back up and running…AT NO CHARGE. Thank goodness for warrantees.

The bad news: is that I skipped my run. I am one of those people who think breaks are necessary – training or not. Oops!

On to the best part of my day…

Woohoooooo!!!! You’ll slowly discover that my family and I are HUGE theater nerds and we LOVE IT ALL!!!! This show was no exception. It was super funny and it helped that most of the songs were from the movie…so I really really wanted to sing along the whole time. Of course, we grabbed a quick dinner at the Corner Bakery. I easily caved into a club panini with a side salad and ….


I went with my ‘baby cousin’ (she’s 13), my older sister and my aunt!

We all look so similar!

Of course, my family got silly with the program and performers headshots…

Silly ladies

Silly headshot

The show really was fantastic. The performers were extremely talented and during some of my favorite songs (Supercalifragilisticexpialadocious, Step in Time…) I am pretty sure I was smiling at the stage like a 5 year old seeing and hearing them for the first time. THAT, my friends…is MAGICAL!!!!!


Do you have a favorite Disney movie?

I grew up being obsessed with the Little Mermaid – it will eternally be in my top 3!


Do you like musical theater? If so, whats your favorite?

Obviously, I confessed to being a total fanatic – and I’ll go with an all time classic of West Side Story. It’s actually coming to Orange County next month…I hope I can catch a show!