Because today was my Grandpa’s 80th birthday…not 85th. He actually doesn’t even look 80! Let’s cross our fingers that I get his genes and fabulous hair. Seriously, he has a head full salt and pepper hair. Talk about a looker…

Delicious chocolate birthday cake.

While his party was without a doubt today’s main event, I of course started my day off at 6:30AM for an 8 mile run! Check out my super untidy car…I gotta work on being more environmentally friendly and just plain organized!

Gatorade bottles, water bottles, gross tank tops, car charger

I ran the first four miles by myself while rocking out to the Cold War Kid’s latest album and I was lucky enough to have my cousin, Karen meet me for my second set of four! The best part about running with someone is that there is no real need for headphones. I probably ran slower than usual, but exercise and catching up is pretty darn priceless. Either way, its a good thing I logged those miles because what I ate today should never be said out loud. It does include lots of cake and lots of spinach dip 🙂

I apologize in advance for the hefty slew of pictures to ensue…but I can get picture crazy from time to time.

Some final decorations...


Getting ready with my sister!

final product!

Me & our 'baby'

And of course what is a family event with a pointless, super vain photoshoot?

Angry faces

Smiling big

Silly faces


We have a thing for sour belts.

'Artistic' shot


My family parties hard. And my that I mean that people arrived around 1PM and the last bit left around 8PM. We know how to eat, dance, eat and have fun. And that left all of us all exhausted!

I am hoping that I sleep extra hard tonight and naturally wake up refreshed enough for a short run in the morning to sweat out some of the extra food consumed today before I go to church. Including church in my Sunday routine is something new I’m trying. Well, not new – but something I’m hoping to go back to.


What is your favorite type of cake?

I’m partial to this chocolate ‘dobash’ cake from Kings Hawaiian – a local bakery in the LA area.


How do your family parties usually go?

Mine last FOREVER – eat, take pictures, eat, rest, eat…force the little kids to perform. 


What were you workouts this weekend???

8 miler this morning, and hoping for a quick 3 miler tomorrow 🙂