And it’s not because I think I’m going to win the lottery or like something super is coming my way. Today was a really wonderful day for SO many reasons. And it has me smiling pretty big in great satisfaction.

My morning started off LOVE-A-LY (pronounced like Jason Mraz – love of my life). I woke up in time for a quick 3 mile run. Honestly, this whole waking up early and started your day off with some exercise has dramatically improved my mornings in the office. I am filled with energy. I think I started off on a positive note because my weekend memories spent with my family made me giggle.

A little tid bit of joy that happened at work…COSTCO DELIVERY – which included the most important thing ever…




FYI: I only indulged in one fun sized Twix – high five!

Ya know when you have one of those days when you just FEEL like you woke up just to have an awesome workout? Today was one of those days. So while I was still on a high from this mornings awesome 3 miler – I decided that I could hit the gym for a short little workout because I felt like it. Lemme tell ya – it is a good thing I took a friend’s wise advice and always keep spare gym clothes and shoes in my car!

What was supposed to be a mellow extra 3 miles turned into 5 miles in intervals (2 minutes easy, 1 minute fast). Gotta love intervals! They made time fly! I even made time to do some weights and keep my arms from jiggling, since this IS Orange County in the summer time 🙂 Once again, another reason to feel LUCKY. As if my runners high couldn’t get any better, I came home to THIS….


Like I’ve said before – my family likes to celebrate for as long as we can. Ok fine, and my aunt flew in from Raleigh, NC and she takes a red eye out late tonight. So what better way to send her off than with a last minute family feast??? What a lovely surprise.

To make things better, I had an empty jar of peanut butter to fill with oatmeal…


And I washed it down with my FAVORITE – orange Gatorade on ice!


Warning: this might get cheesy. But I was just sitting there, listening to my mom and her sisters converse and laugh, I had my little cousin telling me about how she was waiting FOREVER for me to get there and out of the corner of my eye I saw my grandpa just smiling. At that point, life couldn’t really get much better.

So I’m feeling lucky for the following reasons:

  • I woke up and ran while the sun came up and it was gorgeous
  • Costco delivery with CHOCOLATE and I only ate ONE piece!
  • A surprise successful 5 mile interval run at the gym with weights and I enjoyed EVERY SECOND. I was seriously smiling while I ran and pumped iron.
  • I came home to lots of family that was nothing but smiles. I might have the most odd and best family ever.
Your turn – what do YOU feel lucky about today?