Let me tell ya…this week is the LONGEST SHORT WEEK EVER! I actually get to take a half day Thursday and Friday TOTALLY off because I’ll be going to Chicago!!!!! I am stoked. It is supposed to storm the entire time I’m there sadly, but I’ve never been so I’m beyond excited. The first of all my close college girlfriends is getting married so this is her bachelorette weekend! Oh don’t you worry – there will be a long picture post about this adventure 🙂

I woke up and knocked out a mellow 3 miles to recover from yesterday’s crazy workout. I actually woke up a tad later and the sun was already up. Can you believe that at 6am, it was already about 70 degrees??? This is unheard of for Orange County. That was a tell tale sign that it was gonna be a HOT day. And it really was.

I met up with my cousin for lunch at Sharky’s – ‘healthy’ Mexican food. It actually is DELICIOUS – but I am pretty sure I cancelled all health factors out with my dessert…

Cookies and Sweet Cream - YUM

The rough part about dessert is that I get a crazy sugar high. Then I crash…HARD.



But its okay! I eventually snapped out and of and pumped so may-juh work out before I met up with my 2 best gals for happy hour!!! We went to BJs Brewery for some Wine Tuesday – half off of all bottles and glasses of wine? YES PLEASE.


She was probably texting her boyfriend...booooo

”]”] We just wined (and didn’t dine so much) over lots of catching up! We hadn’t met up in two whole weeks. I know thats not THAT long, but in our time its almost an eternity! We had been best buds since we were about 13 years old…over TEN YEARS. Holy moly. Lets not focus on that 😉

It’s amazing the perspective you get from someone who is one of your best friends. They are so similar in SO many ways. But yet they see almost everything in a different light. And that is part of what makes my girl nights so refreshing. Sometimes its like someone splashed cold water in my face waking my tush up! I love my girlfriends because:

  • They set my tush straight when I’m wrong. They aren’t afraid to hurt my feelings. That shows how close we are.
  • We like to gossip and giggle. Let’s face it. We are girls.
  • I like to brainstorm new workout ideas with them. They inspire new ways to fit it into my daily schedule, ways to prioritize it and how to scale back and appreciate all my hard work.
  • I trust them with my life. I can spill all my deep dark secrets and know they’ll love me no matter what
  • I am sure there are WAY more…but thats all thats comes to mind at this moment.
We wrapped up our girl talk and wine with of course…a PIZOOKIE (aka a little piece of heaven).

Hot oversized cookie with vanilla ice cream? Yes, please.

While one gal pal bounced home…another begged me to skip over to Yogurtland since she eats gluten free and could not partake in our pizookie joy. What kind of friend would I be to say no?!?!

We were kind of excited.

It's like an angels choir was singing.

Friendship marriage.

We filled those puppies to the brink!

Not ONE BITE was wasted 🙂

Hanging out with your girlfriends – venting, bouncing off new ideas or whatever  – sometimes this beats any workout to relieve any stress or worries.
What other ways do you blow off any stress?
What do you and your closest buds do to catch up? And how often?
Sometimes we go for run/walks together. Or we watch a movie, or play Scrabble! We try to hang out at least one a week – but our schedules usually permit every couple of weeks and it drives us nuts!