It’s true. I really am too excited to sleep!!!! I can’t hype my long weekend/Bachelorette party weekend enough. Sometimes I consciously try to act like something cool isn’t a big deal so I don’t get disappointed. But I really can’t help it this time around. Anyways…on to more important things.

Like my exercise today:  ……..

Hahaha – I didn’t. I ran last minute errands (and when I say errands, I mean shopped) for last minute items for my long weekend away. Does walking around the Irvine Spectrum for 2 hours count???

In a ‘heavier’ note, today makes it officially ten years since my dad passed away in an awful car accident. TEN YEARS. It’s so odd because I remember that entire day like it was yesterday. I have moments daily in which I ‘can’t imagine’ my life without certain things such as frozen yogurt, being able to run or my iPhone or something silly. But you know what? I can totally live without all of those things. I can totally trade the fancy 11 year old car I drive, the closet half filled with designer clothing, daily trips to Yogurtland/Golden Spoon or WHATEVER for one more conversation, one more hug, one more real look at him or to just HEAR him say my name ONE MORE FREAKING TIME. I don’t want to divulge, but I will leave you with this:

My dad was far from perfect and our relationship was more rocky than smooth in my teen years, but for some amazing reason, we just ‘got’ each other. From day one, I there was just an instant bond and everyone around us knew it. When people say they miss someone everyday…I believe them. Because I really do miss him EVERY SINGLE day. A moment as simple as the pure joy I get from eating a breakfast burrito makes me wish SO BADLY that I could text him that I am eating a breakfast burrito and he isn’t to make him jealous. Now that is truly missing someone.

Here is just a sneak peak of the adorableness that was us:

Daddy's Little Girl

My sisters and I did what we would usually do if he were here and wanted to hang out. Go to his fav restaurant followed by Golden Spoon (it’s next door, I swear I’m not a total addict). Due to all of our busy schedules, we raced over to the place before it closed at 8PM, seriously…what kind of restaurant closes at 8pm?!? It was all good though – we all got to order our favorite Hawaiian meals.

Jamie was disciplined enough to have leftovers.

Can you see the Golden Spoon sign behind them? Haha – highlight of my night. I got Coffee and Chocolate Malt with lots of Oreo and Gummi bears.




Surprise, surprise – they both got ‘full’…NOT ME!

Her last bite!


Her last half bite.

My last few frozen Gummi bears

The end result…a VERY HAPPY JANELLE!!!!!



Baby sister.

Of COURSE, I waited last minute to pack. So I ordered both of my sisters to help me pack for 3 nights in Chicago. Yes, I’m 25 and I still need their opinion and help!

She was thrilled at first...


But then I was too 'indecisive'. Typical.

Ok, I really was indecisive. I have about 12 outfits in my bag – not including my ‘flying outfits’ (aka, sweats) and I HAD to pack too many pairs of shoes…


So here I am…sitting and wondering if I am forgetting anything!!!! I probably won’t post since, but I’m hoping to sneak in a quick photo here and there for you!


Is there anyone that you miss EVERYDAY? How do you deal with it?


Do you think I can sneak a quick run-a-roo while in Chicago? 😉