I just wanted to start off by saying a huge THANK YOU for all the lovely comments and kind words. The support – no matter who it comes from – is always overwhelming in the best way possible. I am so lucky to have amazing friends, family and mainly sisters to help me get through all of these tough times.

I got back late last night from my first trip to the mecca of the midwest – CHICAGO! I know, I know…I’ve been talking about how excited I was about this trip for too long. But I’m happy to announce that this trip was everything I dreamed of and MORE! My only wish is that I could have stayed longer! I want to go back in the fall and see the colors change leaves and when its maybe a little cooler and less humid. Lets just say that I have never appreciate California weather so much in my entire life!

I only had a half day at the office and I got to sneak a 4 mile run in that morning so I was ALL smiles. I traveled from Orange County all by myself. I personally LIKE flying alone. It’s fun and it gives me time to think. My girlfriends that flew in from San Diego were delayed by an hour…so I sat alone in the airport for an hour and a half.

Creepy, right?

Good thing I had this to keep myself distracted…

I love it so far!

Beautiful architecture like this does NOT exist in California.

View from our room.


New Marilyn Monroe

I love it!

The bride to be has an awesome sister who supplied us with fun good bags!

Lucky us!

With all sorts of ‘essentials’ for the weekend.

Snacks, bachelorette games, and Aleve.

Friday was SUPPOSED to be our ‘mellow’ night. So we enjoyed some fine dining that fulfilled 3 areas of criteria for the lovely bride to be:

  1. It had to have fried rice
  2. Rooftop
  3. Outside
And the Shanghai Terrace at the Peninsula Hotel had all three. It was delicious. Amazing kung pao chicken, fried rice (of course) and much much more….and of course, COCKTAILS!

First cocktail of the evening!

All the ladies after dinner…

Check out that view!

And of course, our dinner reservations got mixed up – so the manager sent us off to a club and lets just say were were very well taken care of  (aka, basically free)!!!!!

Our VIP table - what a steal!


Believe it or not…the maid of honor and I dragged our butts up before noon and hit the treadmill for a a couple miles (it was about 90 degrees and humid as heck outside – something I’m not used to) and followed up with some abs and weights. It also helped that the maid of honor is a yoga instructor, so I got on special ab workout! I was ready to take on Chicago again and eat more and more.

Don’t worry – you’ll see how cute Saturday night ended up tomorrow!


Do you usually make time during vacation to exercise?

I try to make a point at least once if its a short trip. If its longer, definitely 2-3 times. Even if they are dramatically abbreviated, its better than nothing!


Is there a big city that you have yet to visit?

I haven’t been to BOSTON!!! That’s next on my list – other than that, I’ve seen most of the ‘big’ cities in the U.S. – LA, San Francisco, Dallas, New York, Chicago….am I missing any?