I think I’m finally back into the groove of things. Woke up (not very happily, but I still did it) for a quick 3.5 mile run. Took me about 30 minutes. Yikes! Slow poke. I’ve realized that starting to run so early means that it takes my body that much longer to warm up and get going. On the upside, I have a ton more energy throughout the day – which is what matters in my opinion. *TIP: DO NOT eat 2 s’mores the night before a run. It seriously cancelled out the goodness the banana and juice I had prior for fuel. My tummy was NOT having it.

Something that I DO need to work on with these mornings runs is stretching AFTER. I am pretty good about stretching before…but I usually cut it pretty close with time so I’m rushed. I either need to get up earlier (boo) or run a shorter distance (boo) or just get faster (yay).

This is a LATE night for me! I went with my cousin to watch Friends With Benefits. Now this movie covers a controversial topic – so I will not comment on that. But I will say that Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake are GORGEOUS. It was also rather hilarious. If you like crude humor and can handle the topic – I’d give it a thumbs up.

I left you all last time with the conclusion of my girlfriend’s awesome bachelorette evening numero uno at the Crimson Lounge at the Sax Hotel. I forgot to mention that there was torrential rain pour and thunder storm that night…so we walked out and needed to grab cabs FAST. I personally love the rain and storms…so I was happy!

So blissful! Haha


Saturday morning, post run – we took to the streets to sight see and make senseless purchases. Holy moly – shopping there is ridiculous. I thought that LA and South Coast Plaza had awesome stores and selections. Well, the stores in downtown Chicago are HUGE!!! It is probably a good thing I am not near stores like those πŸ™‚

The lovely maid of honor planned a fun evening for us all! She had the bride to be’s favorite restaurant in Chicago, La Madea, cater in and we played silly bachelorette games. Quizzing her on her fiance and reminiscing about old times in college and little bit after is always a good time. It was interesting to see our progression and how much we’ve all changed and grown up together. I started to feel a little old! Here’s a look at some of our festivities…

Silly games - I don't even think anyone finished this!


She loves vodka Greyhounds...So classy!

Group shot!

We took to the Navy Pier to watch the fireworks before heading out…

Best picture ever


And snacked on some of THESE...genius.

All of these picture are posted before I still look normal and put together. Wouldn’t you do the same???

College girlfriends.

With the beautiful bride to be!

At the end of the evening…some girls and I were NOT ready to sleep! So we did what we did in college…and concluded our night with a dance party + unnecessary food (thank you room service)!



I would totally post pictures of us practicing our dance moves for the actually wedding…but I wouldn’t want to kill the surprise for you, now would I??? I promise they will NOT disappoint…so the wait until post Labor day will be worth it!!!

I was super sad to bid Chicago farewell. But I definitely plan on making a return. Hopefully with my mom, since that is the first place she and her family lived when they came to the United States! Yes, my sisters and I are first generation born here. And I know that I am one LUCKY LADY to be here!!!!


Do you stretch before AND after each workout?

Like I said, I try to stretch after!!! But I usually get so impatient and skip it. I know, bad practice.


What are your usual go-tos for a late night eat???

FRENCH FRIES or burritos. I seriously think that burritos are the BEST THING EVER. An entire meal, wrapped up and held in one hand?!?! GENIUS.