The oh-so-gorgeous and teeny tiny Kristen of Confessions of a (Not-So) Domesticated Newlywed tagged me in this “7 Links” thing that has been all the hype in the blogosphere and I was more than flattered to be selected. So thank you 🙂

So here it goes…

Most Beautiful:

So I’m Not the Best Granddaughter – I chose this post because it gives you all a glimpse of how close and FUN my family is! And my family is without a doubt the most beautiful part of my life. Super cheesy, yes I know. But I know that I wouldn’t be who I am or where I am without all of there support. They drive me NUTs and piss me off more than anyone else…but thats just part of the journey and I wouldn’t change one bit of it!

Most Popular:

I Left My Heart in Chicago – This post got a lot of views and attention. Maybe it was because I hyped up my first trip to Chicago so much and this was finally it! But I also showed you guys what I like to do outside of my normal work, run and eat routine. Also, my friends are really pretty too!

Most Controversial:

I purposefully choose to NOT comment on controversial comments. So does this make it a 6 links?

Most Helpful:

Feeling Lucky – This is a nice reminder or eye opener for when anyone is feeling down. This post was meant to share a moment of realization with everyone. At that point in time, some part of my life that I opt to NOT blog about were a bit rough. But that moment I walked into my house to find all my family there together and laughing…its like all the pieces fit together and I realized that all that small stuff didn’t better. At the end of the day, I am very lucky to be where I am with people I love.

Surprise Success:

Disney is Magical Too – I don’t know if it’s just my group of friends or Orange County, but musical theater is NOT very popular here despite how close we are to Los Angeles. But I was beyond thrilled with the positive comments and feedback. So thanks everyone!

Not Enough Attention:

Can I say all of them? Just kidding.

Shopping Cures All – Sort Of – I really thought people would relate more to this one. We all deal with rough times in different ways. Mine happens to be shopping. Maybe it sounded too typical. Oh well…I’m sure I’ll read another one similar to that in the future.

Most Proud:

Too Excited to Sleep – I didn’t exactly open up entirely in this post, but it did take a lot of guts for me write it. And open up to a bunch of strangers (the internet is HUGE and scary)…but I am pretty confident in knowing the small audience that stumbles upon my little blog. I’ve also discovered over time that sharing a little bit about a hard time in my life helps others to open up as well. All of the support (emails, comments) received blew me away and each one lifted my heart a little that night and I can’t thank you all enough!



I had a rough run. My left shin was hurting. I tried to take down the incline, but it still ached. I decided to give my poor legs a rest from yesterday’s class (which I will let you in on soon) and hit the elliptical.

I’ll leave you all with the GLORIOUS (yet not so nutritious) Yogurtland lunch I had today:


Do you ever have dessert for lunch?

It takes almost all my willpower to NOT have dessert for every meal.

Do you freak out when you feel an ‘ache’ or discomfort when you start to exercise?

I usually can work through any pain…but when I have to stop – I freak out.