Why HELLO! I’m back in full blogging force and believe it or not…but it WILL continue into the weekend this time around. There will be no weekend trip away – I am cracking down and hitting the hay EARLY friday for a distance run. I looked at my calendar and realized that my half marathon is in just over 2 months and I’m no where close to where I need/want to be!

So let’s get down to business…

I skidaddled down to San Diego for a Bridal Shower that took place on Saturday. No, I didn’t run Friday like I mentioned previously (the bars in Pacific Beach are relentless) and no, I didn’t take pictures. I forgot my camera and I was too busy getting to know most of the other women there to take any! But the bride to be’s lovely Aunt (who drove all the way out from Arizona) and great Aunt (a fellow SD resident) threw her an adorable bridal tea shower. We had little tea sandwiches, scones and lovely china! I felt so fancy. Once someone sends me pictures I’ll make sure to post them because:

  1. Everyone was dressed so freaking cute. High heels and summer dresses.
  2. Pictures are always fun!
So here are some pictures from the fun night out…

I think my Asian eyes are funny.


OF COURSE I stayed Saturday to hang out. We woke up Sunday, realized that Shark Week upon us and celebrated:

We're not rich, so we bought cheap champagne.

HOWEVER, I did NOT indulge too much into Sunday Funday. I had to get my booty over to LA for my aunt’s surprise birthday party!


Trust me. Getting approximately 15 close family members to keep a secret is a CHALLENGE. But we miraculously pulled it off. My family might be the most awesomest, fabulous and ridiculous family in the world. But we kept it tame by playing a game of ‘Family Member Charades’. YES – we wrote down every family member (aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, dogs) on pieces of paper, put them in a pull and each person had to pull a name and ‘act’ like the person they pulled without making a peep. Here’s a peek at our ‘baby’ having some difficulty.


My left shin has kind of been a pain, so I took Friday (+ the entire weekend) off. It was great for my shin because it was painless for 3 out of the 4 miles I ran early this morning. But it was bad because I ate like I was still running a ton and I felt grosssss. You would THINK that not running would suppress my appetite – FALSE! Between the late nights and temptation of my favorite eats – lets just say it wasn’t pretty. And neither is my tire (aka the growing area around my midsection). So goal #1 for August is to get that deflated again. There is not choice for 2 reasons:

  1. I have a half marathon to run. I need to my confident and in tip top shape. Cutting the partying ways down to a minimum is a must.
  2. Family cruise beginning August 14th – YES! Also means…bathing suit. Yowza.
  3. Can you tell that I like lists yet?
So I kicked off my week with a mellow 4 miles. It actually wasn’t terrible. Don’t get me wrong, I felt EVERY BITE of those carne asada fries consumed at 3 AM and those 2 or 6 mimosas I had by mile 2 BUT, I pushed through it and I felt GREAT after! Tomorrow, I will do the same path – less mellow, more speed!
I probably SHOULD have gone for a light cross training session after work…but #19379473893 reason why I love where I live…is MOVIE MONDAYS! During the summer, the Segerstrom Performing Arts Center projects musical movies outside. People bring chairs, food and full on picnic before and the movie begins just at dusk. So I met my sisters (of COURSE) and a few friends for some summer fun. It’s like a drive-in movie but BETTER because (list again):
  1. It’s FREEEEE
  2. They allow booze – I didn’t drink tonight. Weird – but part of my goal (to cut it down).
  3. It’s like a 5 hour event. People get there around 5:30-6PM and the movie doesn’t even start until 8.
  4. All attendees have something in common: THEY LOVE MUSICALS. So people seriously clap after popular scenes and sing along to their favorite songs!

We didn't watch Mary Poppins, we watched CHICAGO - but they're still in town.

My current obsession.

Movie Time!

Pretty building. I try to be creative.

It was actually a bit hot to sit out there at first, but it cooled down to the PERFECT temperature later. No better way to start off my week than with a run that didn’t suck and quality time with my sisters and friends while watching CHICAGO projected on a huge building outside πŸ™‚
I am kind of sad that summer is coming to an end. But thus far, I’d say summer has been a huge win.
What has been your favorite part of summer so far?
I think it goes without saying this…but CHICAGO!
Does anyone else have a race coming up they are training for?? How is it going??? TELL MEEEEE!!!