First things first. I got some messages asking about some of the things I wear, so here are some answers:

  • The black dress I wore in Chicago – Element (beach brand); Shoes – Stuart Weitzman
  • The ‘tribal’ print dress for the first night there – Billabong; Shoes – my fav black TOMs wedges
Second, I told ya that when I got a hold of bridal shower pictures I’d post them…so here they are!

Cute little tea party set up!


A better shot of the little center pieces.



All the gals!

Dress: Free People borrowed from my gf Callie, shoes: Stuart Weitzman

Ok – now remember when I said I was going to wake up extra early and attempt 6 miles? Fail.  I didn’t get in from our fun Monday Movie night out until 11PM! And I don’t even know what time I actually fell asleep at. I don’t know about you, but I can’t function – let alone RUN with such little sleep!

But no worries…I busted my tush over at the gym right after work. AGAIN, my left shin was sort of a pain (I run on a 1.5 incline, is that bad?) and I had side aches…WHAT THE FRIENDSHIP?!?! I almost never do. So I sadly walked about 1 out of the 5 miles I completed on the treadmill. On the upside, surviving 5 miles on the treadmill is a lot for me! I think the switched up playlist may or may not have had something to do with it! I followed that up with 20 minutes on the elliptical on a moderate level (13 out of 20? – not sure what the means either).

I also scored new Nike running shorts and an Adidas ‘Tech” sports bra at Sports Authority during my lunch break today. Really, having that store 2 blocks away from my office is just dangerous. I don’t usually do pictures of myself in workout gear. Do people want to see that? Verdict is still out.

I knew I would have to hit the tread after work, so I was pretty cautious about what I ate today. I wish I was always this cautious.

Breakfast: Kashi hot cereral (cinnamon, delicious)

Lunch: Small tuna salad and a side of some orzo pasta salad, an apple was my dessert

Snack: this occured slowly throughout the day- and it was those darn Cinnamon Almonds (which leads me to today’s topic, FINALLY).

Dinner: Voldemort (aka, shall not be named – mainly because it was nothing cool or super healthy)

FACT: I’m currently addicted to Cinnamon Almonds. At 140 calories a serving (plus all that sugar!!) – it’s not the best, yet its definitely not the worst snack, right?

If you are all so kind as to continue following my little blog…you’ll come to discover that I go through some MAJOR food phases. I’m sure a lot of people do too – but mine are like super obsessions. As in, it’s beyond a craving which lasts for a few days, or I indulge heavily and move on. I consider a ‘food phase’ to last between 3-8 weeks. I know that sounds like a large range, but thats thats what I’ve seen myself go through. Past phases (many are repeat offenders) include:

  • Avocados on EVERYTHING
  • Cinnamon Almonds
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Oatmeal
  • Grilled Chicken on my salad – as in that’s all I’ll eat for about a month
  • I’m trying to think of more…but I’m sure you’ll notice them.
Here are some PERMANENT loves in my life:
  • Peanut butter – this seems to be a trend among runners…anyone else see this?
  • Frozen Yogurt – same as the previous…common among runners…weird.
  • Green apples – they’re a staple of mine
  • Bananas – also a staple
  • Broccoli – my ‘go-to’ veggie that I can eat any and every day, anytime, any place
  • Any type of rice (I am Asian, this is expected)
Are you currently going through a ‘food phase’ too?
What are some of your permanent loves?????