Thanks for all of the tips and words of encouragement!!! Today was a day of rest and I am actually staying in tonight – this is very rareย – and making myself a semi-nutritious pasta and veggie dish in preparation for tomorrow’s 8 mile run. I lucked out and tricked my awesome cousin into facing the feat with me.

TGIF!!! I was more than ready for this whirlwind of a week to be over. I actually had been picturing a nice little nap-a-roo in my comfy bed as the work day started to come to an end. But my plan to nap was side tracked in the BEST WAY POSSIBLE. For those who aren’t familiar with Southern California events, all week it’s been the US Open – one of the biggest surf events every year. Therefore, downtown Huntington Beach is filled with bathing suit clad teenagers, surfers, families and all types of weirdos. Included in this event are all sorts of beach/snow vendors showcasing their latest stuff, a huge skateboarding arena and the best part…MUSICIANS!

They have lined up awesome people to play FOR FREE on the beach!!! Today, one of my favorite bands was on the line up…JIMMY EAT WORLD!!! But I thought they were going on at 4:30. This meant that I would NOT make it taking into account traffic and crowds. BOO. But I got a text from my sister saying that they don’t go on until 5:30 and they have a spot saved for me. So ya know what I did? I snuck out 15 minutes early and sped over to downtown Huntington Beach. I lucked out with a parking spot and looked like an Olympic speed walker weaving in and out of the crowds. They’re spot was AWESOME…I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves…

Sweet spot, sweet stage


We were so EXCITED!


At this point, I am LOVING life!

Ok, one more of Jimmy...

The crowd did get out of control a couple times. Thank goodness my sister’s boyfriend was there to protect us & other surrounding little ladies! It was a solid hour and half set – they played old hits and some new stuff. They definitely kept the crowd going and I am so glad I made it in time!

This is how I usually feel after a great run…(and hopefully after tomorrows!)


Before I throw my usual questions at you guys I’ll leave you with the GORGEOUS sunset I saw as I was walking to my car…

I love Huntington Beach


Have you had any unexpected surprises of fun this summer?

This was obviously mine – but summer isn’t over yet!!!


Now that I asked you what you eat BEFORE a run…what do you chow down on AFTER a long run????ย 


Also, what color bathing suit do you prefer? (Believe it or not, I haven’t bought a bathing suit yet this summer – weird)