Last night I went to an abs and sculpting class which included arm toning moves and lunges…like a LOT of lunges. I needed to squeeze some cardio in there, so I did a spin class afterwards. The lady in the abs & sculpting class warned me about the following spin class being ‘hardcore’ and super challenging. But I figured hey- if she can do it, so can I. Um…she wasn’t lying. That class kicked my butt!!! I like to think that the several lunges from the class before affected my performance. Ha!

I had some doubts…but believe it or not I managed to get my booty out of bed this morning to bust out a quick 2.5 miles. You know its going to be a hot day when you’re starting to get hot while running at 6AM. I always sweat, but it was definitely warmer than usual. Good thing I only planned a short quick run to get moving for the day. Tomorrow is a rest day – maybe fit a yoga class in there – and Saturday has 8 MILES planned…stay tuned!

About once a month, my sisters and I have a “sister night” and do something semi-exciting like go to a fancy dinner or a movie or shop….OR all three! Okay, well tonight was more like attempted speed shopping (failed), quick bite at Daphne’s Greek Cafe (amazing & healthy) and a movie!

Sister love.

Tonight, my sisters and I went to see Crazy, Stupid, Love with Steve Carrell, Julianne Moore, Emma Stone and of course Ryan Gosling. The movie was really not what I expected in a good way. It was super funny, the sentiment was relatable…and having Ryan Gosling in every other scene didn’t hurt either! Seriously – it should be illegal for someone to be THAT attractive.

Of course, because we thought that Daphne’s was soooo healthy, we indulged in some sugar.

Ok, maybe a lot of sugar.

I really have to be more disciplined when it comes to sugar.

I was upset because I couldn't say NO!

“Sister nights” are without a doubt one of my favorite ways to break up the week. We may talk to each other ‘all the time’ – but catching up in person and just hanging out is tough to beat sometimes. Also, this is what happens when you leave an open box of Reese’s Pieces in your purse…

Pieces off board 😦


Moving on to other exciting or not so exciting news…I have NO plans for this weekend!!! Yep – that’s right. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Tomorrow, after work I am going to maybe attend a yoga class, catch up on Anna Karenina and plan a meal that will benefit my planned 8 miles for Saturday morning. It’s about 8 weeks before my half-marathon and it’s time to take running more seriously and train!!! And Saturday should be mellow – helping a friend prep for her sister’s wedding. Yes, I’m surrounded by weddings!!! The point is, that there is no big vacation, no wild trip to San Diego planned. I guess this is my shot at reorganizing my life and getting a REAL fresh start for August!

So about this 8 miler…

Pros: I will run early – I am aiming for 7AM, so it will be nice and cool out still. And I’m also mapping a route at the beach.

Cons: I just remembered the US Open – one of the biggest surf competitions ever. Actually, it’s the biggest event to take over Huntington Beach other than the 4th of July. But I’m hoping that since I’m going to early that it won’t matter, right?

Confession: I’m a little nervous. I haven’t run 8 miles in awhile. I’ve done 6 within the past two weeks…but for some reason those 2 extra miles seem so long!!! How can I stay motivated????

Random: but what are your favorite movie snacks/candies???

I really love Peanut M&Ms, or Reeses Pieces. An icee is usually good on the side.


What do you usually eat to prepare for a long run in the morning??