I’m BAAACK!!! The fact that I didn’t blog this weekend can mean a few thing:

  1. That I was just really lazy.
  2. That even though I stayed local and had no real plans…it kicked butt.
  3. All of the above.
I also should mention that I just really wanted to name a blogpost after that Eminem movie. So let me give you a Part I recap of this lovely ‘low key’ weekend of mine…
Was the Best Unexpected Afternoon Ever. And to make up for the lack of pictures for my run, here was Friday night’s dessert and one of my latest ‘Food Phases



I did NOT run 8 miles. Apparently, I don’t know how to map my runs accurately. No, I didn’t take pictures. I’m a terrible photographer (I know, what kind of blogger am I?) and I don’t run with my iPhone.

Being at the beach for the US Open and watching Jimmy Eat World convinced me to make the 10-15 minute drive to the beach for my distance run of the week. So I rolled myself out of bed at 6:15, ate a peanut butter sandwich and met my cousin Karen at the beach! We are blessed over here in Orange County because it was PERFECT running weather. I keep reading about this terrible heat and unbearable humidity that all my lovely blog friends have been encountering. So I really so feel very lucky to be able to ‘sleep in’ until 6:15am, hit the pavement at 7:15ish and run in 65 degree weather. It was overcast for almost the entire thing – the sun started to peak out towards the very end. And it was a good thing I was wrapping it up at that time, since the beach was already starting to get busy with the surf competition still taking place.

Karen and I started out with a light jog to get our legs warm and to give us a change to chit chat. I swear, doing that always makes time fly! The boardwalk was really busy for it being so early, but all of the distractions made it more fun and it kept me going. About 3 miles in, I was all warmed up and having an AWESOME run. As in, I am pretty sure I was running with a smile on my face because I got weird looks (or maybe I just look super awkward). I even remembered to bring Gu with me this time to keep my energy up.

I remember at one point thinking that this seemed REALLY long…but I kept on telling myself to quit being a wuss. I mean, I’ve run further than 8 miles before so it shouldn’t be impossible for me to keep going! My left shin was OK, thank goodness! I guess all of that icing and stretching has been helping. Another reason the beach was a good choice – its flat! However, I’m 100% sure its time for new shoes. My feet were NOT having it.
Once I saw the ’9th Street’ stop light I knew I had made it and I was super glad!!! It wasn’t until this morning that I decided to take a gander at a more accurate measurement of what I ran…and it was not 8 miles…it was 9.75!!! Go me!

Aside from that awesome distance run…my sisters and I helped a friend set up for her sister’s wedding. This lovely friend, Kiki, did a TON of work for MY sister’s wedding this past October, so we were all more than happy to lend a helping hand. After making sure all the details were in line…we crashed the party later.

Ok – well I guess its not really crashing if her parents invited us to come dance and drink, but it still sounds cool. Here are some highlights…

Photo Lounge Fun

Silly sisters.

This was obviously later...

How cute is this poster??? Kiki made it.

It was a total blast. My younger sister and I decided that Kiki and our older sister, Jamie will be planning our weddings. Together, those two will be unstoppable!!!

To prevent this blogpost from getting unbearably long…I will continue onto Part II tomorrow!!!

Well, I’m also really tired since it’s 12:07AM as I write this. Yes, another late night for me!

I didn’t work out today due to my late Sunday evening….FAIL.

Are you hard on yourself when you skip a workout?

Not usually, but I have a family cruise coming up…so yes – I’m sort of bummed and disappointed in myself about it.

Do you believe in doing ‘cleanses’ or ‘detoxes’???

I don’t think I’m disciplined enough to stick to one to be honest. But I’ve read that its GREAT for you, and that its actually awful. Thoughts???