I came to this sad realization early Monday morning when my alarm went off at 5AM telling me to get my tail out of bed and knock out 3 miles. If you read my previous post, you will know that I did NOT get my tail out of bed. FAIL. Now WHY was it that I really absolutely could not move? (I’m not kidding, I am pretty sure it took me 10 minutes to even shut the darn alarm off!)

Well, I agreed to attend a Mickey Avalon concert with my sister and some girlfriends on a Sunday night. What was I thinking?!? Obviously, when I was invited all I heard was “concert” and I immediately said YES. I am not even a huge Mickey Avalon fan.

For those who don’t know him, look him up and prepared for the craziness that he is. Either way after far too many mediocre opening acts and two Jack & Pepsis (they didn’t have Coke, lame) Mickey finally took the stage and boy did he put a show on. I was ready to rock out to his horrendously screwed up lyrics and people watch. What I wasn’t ready for was this:


You should be really happy that I only brought my iPhone and didn’t get a clear shot. He is a prime example of why you shouldn’t do drugs because he is HAGGARD. Nonetheless – it was definitely a fun night. What was NOT fun was slowly coming to realization that my alarm was going off at 5AM telling me to run. This was NOT what I needed the week before I leave for a cruise! That was just extra motivation for me to get up Tuesday morning (which I did!).

I guess it’s time to formally kiss the days good-bye in which I could stay out and rage till 3AM and STILL get up, chug a bottle of water and be ‘good to go’! This is a good thing to say farewell to though. It only promotes a healthier lifestyle, right?

Today’s Highlights:

The Elizabeth and James dress I scored at Nordstrom Rack for $36. I saw this dress last year at Saks for $265 people. I would post a photo, but I plan on wearing it on my family cruise next week…so you will have to be patient!

Second, finding out that tomorrow is National S’More’s Day. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? This explains s’mores being a current food phase. Hopefully it’ll pass soon. All of the chocolate and marshmallows I’ve been consuming can’t be healthy.

So what’s the deal with this family cruise?

My family is NUTS. We do a family vacation EVERY year. When I say family, I don’t just mean my sisters, mom and bro in law. I mean my aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents…you get it. The only exception was last year because my older sister got married and that wedding took over our year. This year, we’re cruising to Cozumel, the Grand Caymans and Jamaica!

I don’t think you guys get it yet…my family is NUTS. We’re THAT family on a cruise. And you know what? I may get embarrassed sometimes, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! These should give you an idea…FLASHBACK TO 2009…

Mother & Daughters

It was my Lolo's (grandpa) Birthday - YES, we made shirts!

Cabo Love.

I’m really looking forward to getting a tan because since I started working a normal office job, I’ve kissed summer days at the beach good-bye. So I’m ‘pale’ right now. Also, I’m hoping to dive while in the Grand Caymans. I’m licensed and it’s been awhile. I’ll be nervous, but I like adventure!

Cruise Goals:

First, I want to NOT throw all of my hard work away. Of course, I won’t be neurotic when it comes to running at the butt crack of dawn on vacation, but I want to run at least 3 times while I’m away. My fav Lululemon shorts, running shoes and pump up playlists are coming with me!

Second, hang out with my Lolo & Lola (grandpa and grandpa) more. They’re getting older and I’m lucky that they can even come on these types of vacations still.

Third, throw all stress away. The emails at work, any loose ends I may have forgotten, my dwindling bank account due to my dining out and shopping habits…I just need to sit back and be with my family.

I’m sure this list will grow. But we can start with these.


How do you approach exercising while on vacation? How do you fit it in there?

My sisters said they’d work out with me. I think having people to go with me will be motivating. Plus, I know I need to keep my focus on my half marathon.

What kind of vacations does YOUR family go on???

This cruise is on the higher end of what we do. We’ll do small trips where we drive up north to San Francisco, or 2 hours south to San Diego too.Β