I seriously think that I have overweight calves. They are abnormally large.

Exhibit A - SEE!?!?! (pardon the thunder thigh)

I’m pretty sure this is genetic. Since my dad and sisters suffer from the same feature.

Exhibit B - I'm on the left. The person on the right is a dude.

The downsides to having abnormally large, overweight calves:

  • It’s a pain in the arse to buy boots!!! You have no idea the struggle it was to find a pair that could fit comfortable over my calves and  still have room to tuck my jeans in.
  • Another purchase struggle…skinny jeans!!! Newsflash: big calves = not so sexy in skinny skinny jeans. Combined with the bullet point above…its just bad news bears.
  • People ask me if I do calf lifts daily. Seriously, they do. And NO, I never do!
The only upside I can think of:
  • Before I started running, and even when I’m running less – it looks like I work out (only on my calves maybe).
  • Sometimes they look pretty sweet in heels.
On to the fit part of today…
I had to be at work a half hour earlier than usual today, so the challenge was for me to get up a half hour earlier and knock out some miles. And I did it! I hit the pavement by 5:45, got back, showered and made it to the office in time for my meeting.
To be honest, these 3 mile mornings are wonderful because they get my energy up and its just a great way to start my day. However, they just don’t feel like enough. Does that make sense? Or does that sound crazy???
In my defense, I DO want to get more miles in there. This will require me to become a faster run (work in progress) and to get up earlier (I am reluctant).  So what did I do today? After running some errands and getting some laundry going before I pack, I busted out 2 miles interchanging sprints and walking. Upon my return, some squats, ab work and fiiiinally and worthwhile stretching session took place. And you know what? I feel a little better. And its a good thing I did my extra workout because…
There was a not-so-fit part of my day (this is common)
I ate WAY too many of Trade Joe’s Cinnamon Sugar Almonds. Storing it in the conveniently located snack drawer to my right at work is not helpful.
Nutella, Honey Roasted PB, Cinnamon Sugar Almonds, Peanut M&Ms, Del Taco Del Scorcho Packet, Hello Kitty Spoon via Yogurtland
And more importantly….drumroll please!!!!
I ate my dinner super fast because I had my mind on this…

YUM - totally embarrasing.

NO – I did not have a mini bonfire to roast my marshmallow sadly. But I was nifty and popped a graham cracker, Hershey’s chocolate and a marshmallow in the microwave for 15 seconds…and voila!
Gooey deliciousness.
What I am supposed to be doing instead of blogging
I’m really supposed to be packing since my favorite San Diego buddy will be joining my for a lovely dinner tomorrow night and I’m also heading straight to the airport after work on Friday. I’m also sending some goodies along with my mom and sisters who are leaving a day before me.
I just tricked my older sister, Jamie, into helping me back. Oh the things a 28 year old gal will do for me to re-start Pretty Little Liars when I’m already more than half way through the recording. She is an organization and packing machine, so I think its worth the trade. Plus, I just love this show!
Your turn:
What do you keep in your ‘snack’ drawer???
Pretzels, oatmeal, Swedish Fish and cookies also frequent that drawer.
Do you work out before or after your workday?
I’m still experimenting…alternating days. I do love how I feel when I get up and run in the mornings, but I need to fit more miles in there!