Tonight, I board a red eye flight to Miami so I can take off an a WEEK LONG CRUISE!!!! I even painted my toes a celebratory color.

Ocean blue with sparkles - Yes, that's a sandal tan line. I wear sandals to work.

3 Highlights of yesterday…

#1 – I got a treat in the mail! I saw these sunglasses not too long ago at Bloomies for about $200 – uh, not in my budget. But then again, nothing I usually want is! Nonetheless, I scored them on Hautelook for $70. STEAL.




Oh you fancy, huh?


My favorite San Diego gal pal had training up in OC, so she drove up for dinner at BJs (yes, we consumed a Pizookie, and yes, we consumed it too fast for me to document), had a beer and talked a lot. It was awesome. She was extra awesome and watched me pack my last minute goodies.


One of those goodies included a special treat courtesy of Justinne, the baby sister. This is #495849304859403 why she’s cool.


Seriously? Girl knows the way to my heart. Also, just because Justinne got attention, I’ll give Jamie some too…this is her enjoying the s’more I made her on National S’Mores Day. (This was NOT last night)

SEXY - Good thing she's married

And here’s my mom ignoring me while I was trying to ask her a question. FYI: She used to hate dogs. Or maybe she only likes this one.

Zoey > Janelle

Onto things that really matter…sort of.

Despite the beer and late night girl talk I had last night, I woke up a half hour earlier than usual to run. Not only that – I added a mile. Like whoa – WHY??? Well, I had to pack a few last minute things and wrap up a few things in the house for my mom (my family is already in Miami) before I took off.

Basically, I ran while it was still night time. As in it could have easily passed for being 10pm when I started running. It was kind of scary at first so I kept my music down REALLY low. It was surprisingly in the high 60s when I started, so it didn’t take long for me to warm up. My favorite part was when the sun started to come up and it started to get light out. It was so pretty and quiet. I gotta get up earlier more! 4.5 miles and 43 minutes later, I was a happy camper and my day had started out PERFECTLY!!!

Downside: Plantar fasciatis will be the death of me. Any tips on how to treat this? I ice and stretch regularly…but I can always use a little help!

I still plan on running while I’m cruising ( you can be jealous), but I probably won’t be blogging. But don’t you fret- I will be back come Monday with so many pics and story you might not be able to handle it!!!!


Any fun weekend plans????

Do you ever do long runs during the week or do you save them for the weekend???

I usually rest Fridays and do long distance runs Saturday…but sometimes those weekends are super busy!! I might attempt a long distance run during the week when I get back.