First off, thanks for all the tips and advice on treating my darn foot’s case of PF. I’m going to be taking MUCH better care of it and listening to my foot.

I’m finally back home! Not just on dry land, not just back in the good ol’ US or California…but actually sitting on my bed staring at my trusty computer screen.

Verdict for the Salas Family Cruise? SUCCESS.

Vacation with my family is always fun. And the last family cruise was a total blast. But I must say…this one takes the cake! I guess I am lucky enough to say that family vacations get better and better over time.

A LOT happened in the 7 days I was gone so I really don’t know where to start. To prevent you all from getting tired of cruise pictures, I’ll try to condense my recap for this week strictly. Maybe even less – we’ll see, I’m not very good at editing things out!

For this post, I think I’ll just start out with the excitement of getting there!

It all started with my arrival into Miami, Florida. I spent a total of about seven hours in Miami before embarking on the boat. So regret having no reviews on this city. I guess I’ll just have to come back!



The family went on a 7-day Carnival Cruise in the Western Caribbean that included three stops:

  • Cozumel, Mexico
  • Grand Caymans
  • Ocho Rios, Jamaica
Here’s a gander at our boat.



What do a bunch of water babies by nature do once they’re at sea? HIT THE POOL!!!!

Can you find me? This is a good game to play since we all look so much alike. (Hint: I have sunglasses on…hahahaha)



Of course, there were several servings of booze.

Disclaimer: These underaged children did NOT consume those drinks. Only the cousins of age – the picture just cracks me up.



I honestly don’t know how us cousins came from these ladies dancing below. My mom and her three sisters are not ones to be found jumping into the pool (or swimming at all for that matter), so they danced their tails off. The best part? No booze was involved!



Seriously, how cute is my aunt? She can get her GROOVE on.



I also should mention that my family is full of winners. That’s right, I said it. We like to win. Actually, when you take 21 enthusiastic people who LOVE to participate (except me, honestly, how am I related to them???), people are bound to win things. The first person? The bro in law, TONY!!! He won the song trivia game where they would play a small portion of a song and the contestants would have to identify the song and where it was from!



The prize: CHAMPAGNE!


We also took home other prizes which included TV show theme songs and movie theme songs. Yes, trophies were obtained. No, I do not know where they went sadly.

I know what you’re all wondering. Between all of the swimming and drinking and eating…did I break a sweat?


Two 6:00AM wake up calls and one 7:00AM wake up call, each entailing 3-5 miles plus ab work. I usually have no problem sweating it out for over an hour…but we were CRUISIN!!!! So once I approached that 60th minute, I bolted for the door. I had food to eat and sun to soak up.

I even had the company of the sisters, cousin and bro in law (not pictured) the first time! I was REALLY excited I promise. I was just still in the promise of waking up.



I made that really attractive face for you. But trust me, I was feeling GOOOOOD.



Luckily, all of our excursions consisted of lots of physical activity…hiking, lots of swimming and climbing waterfalls!!!! You will just have to stay tuned for those posts!!!

What I’m looking forward to besides blogging/catching up on reading your blogs is getting back into my routine! I’m aiming for early morning runs, afternoon cross training and Β much much MUCH cleaner eating habits. It was a blessing and a curse for the cruise to offer unbelievable amounts of food at any given time. So I am ready kill this week!


What was BEST part of this past week? (I’ve been gone – so I need a recap)


Have you ever been on a cruise? Where did you go?


Random, but how long can you usually last on a treadmill for?

I can do an hour AT MOST…but otherwise I get bored. I need ideas.