Before I talk about how daring I was during my family cruise vacation…I’ll recap my day.

First off, I failed to wake up to run this morning. I was really hoping that I would have still been on east coast time, so waking up wouldn’t be a problem, but I was wrong!

Even though I LOVE LOVE LOVED going on a weeklong vacation, a huge part of me was ready to get back into my usual routine.  I’m not exactly what you would call “Type A” – but I do enjoy regularity. I missed my morning runs, knowing what I was going to be eating and when (you eat a crapload on a cruise) and even going to work. Yes, I generally do enjoy my job!

*Side note: I actually loved not having 5 full meals today. I really enjoyed my morning coffee, toast w/PB for breakfast, sushi for lunch, afternoon apple w/PB and tuna for dinner w/ a side of chocolate. 

To make up for the run that never happened this morning, I made sure to break a sweat after I wrapped up my day at work. I also want to mention that as much as I enjoyed not having to check email or worry about work – the amount of emails I came back to was HORRENDOUS.

Man, did I miss the gym. I knocked out 3.5 miles in intervals on the treadmill. Not gonna lie – there was some half a mile of walking involved. I felt so bad about it that after I forced 20 minutes out on the elliptical. I decided that 45 minutes is my limit on treadmills/ellipticals. No matter what TV show is on or how awesome my playlist is, I get too darn bored! Due to my terrible run with a side of walking and boring elliptical workout, I decided to name tonight’s sweat session a “cross-training” day and did some ab work and foam rolling. My legs have been feeling really tight post workout even though I’ve been taking the time to stretch plenty. This often results in achy legs at work. Besides extra stretching and foam rolling – any suggestions???

Onto how cool my life was last week…

We celebrated my baby sister’s 24th birthday during the trip and it included a day out snorkeling and swimming with stingrays!

Boat time with the birthday girl!






Underwater fun


Lovely Mom and her girls!

Didn’t you know that I can be maternal?

The poor thing was so scared!

That thing is HUGE!

We can't do something without a family shot!

They were super friendly and super slimy! We were all super wary at first, but by the end we were basically chasing them around the awesome sandbar we were standing on.


What was the most adventurous thing you’ve done on vacation?

I’ve scuba dived and gotten into shady trouble in Italy – but this was pretty adventurous too!


Do your legs get tight and achy after a long run? What do you do to get rid of the achy feeling?