Seriously, something horrible happened today. It didn’t involve running, my family, lack of wine or missing a great sale. The horrible thing was that I ran out of peanut butter in the middle of applying a copious amount to a slice of toast. I even made a trip to Target yesterday and didn’t buy a new jar. WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?!

My soul and food/snack drawer was feeling very incomplete.

Another horrible thing – I didn’t buy a new jar after work. A NOT horrible thing, instead….I drank wine with one of my favorite girlfriends! I haven’t seen her in almost a month and we had a LOT of catching up to do.

I should also mention that we shared a ‘G-free’ pizookie from BJs – apparently they have those now.

Verdict: NOT THE SAME. I love me some gluten!

Our poor waiter also overheard too much girl chatter and too many swear words fly out of my mouth. Sorry people (and mom), but these things just fly out of my mouth when wine and opinions combine. Don’t worry, no one got hurt. And to make nice with our waiter…

I am SO artistic!

This morning…

I managed to wake up AND drive to the park for a 4 mile run and it was MAGICAL!!! The sun wasn’t up yet and I got to enjoy the semi-dark for 80% of the run. I just love the cool weather in the morning and the empty streets. After yesterday’s failed run turned “cross-training” day, this was a great pick me up. I took the time to stretch a little extra and my legs were only a little achy today. Let’s hope they’re OK tomorrow morning!

Something you should know about my family and maybe most Filipinos in general…

We like to sing karaoke. A LOT.

Sister and cousin

The uncle you wish you all had - NO JOKE.

Uncle, Aunt, Lolo (grandpa)

SO MUCH – that my sister entered some contest and WON. The prize? Getting to perform as a ‘Legend’ in a show is the show on the last night of the cruise! She was Aretha Franklin….yaaaaaaa guuurrrrrl!!!!


Proud sister - awkward pose.

Last but CERTAINLY not least…#930483902756842 why my family is awesome….

If you can find my cousin Dale, then you can come to one of our parties – *HINT: He’s wearing a light blue shirt and you can’t see his face 🙂



Irrelevant questions:

Man tanks…yay or nay?

My sisters say NAY – that actually seems to be the main consensus. But I feel like I’ve seen some surfer dudes who can actually pull it off!


Do you believe in investing generously in workout clothes? Where do you usually shop for them?

I didn’t used to. But now that I live in them outside of the workplace, I started to see the value. If my budget allowed, I’d buy almost everything at Lululemon and all the NEW Nike stuff – but let’s get serious, I’m forced to bargain hunt. Good thing it’s fun!