First off, congratulations to the lovely Angie at Oh, Bless Her Heart… for guessing correctly. My dear cousin, Dale, is indeed planking in the VERY back of my family’s ‘jumping’ photo. Yes, we do cheesy pictures like that and I freaking love it!

Ok, I know you’re all probably getting sick of my cruise updated because let’s face it – I’m kind of bragging about my awesome time. So I promise this is my last one (unless you guys BEG me to do another post about it) But seriously, I highly recommend it. The last stop was in Ocho Rios, Jamaica and a big group of us opted to climb the famous Dunn River Falls. It was a bit touristy, after all, those falls are their MAIN attraction. Nonetheless, it was still amazing and to think that everyone who came made the slippery and highly dangerous climb is even MORE amazing! Take a look…

I was REALLY excited & looked like a classic tourist.

A little nervous here...

Taking a break 🙂

We party no matter where we are!

Check out that climb - so proud!

Of course, the classic family shot celebrating our accomplishment.

On to the true point of today’s post. My world is complete again for various reasons.

#1 – I replenished my stash of peanut butter.

I refuse to let myself encounter an empty jar ever again! 3 jar should be enough for now.

Even Justinne celebrated with me!

#2 – My run kicked a** today. 

Lately, my runs have been less than stellar. With the left shin splinting (I’ve been icing), the plantar fasciitis and the weight fluctuation have been putting a major damper on my workouts.

Before heading out of the office, I researched my trusty ol’ running blogs for inspiration and ideas for a speed workout. So I combined a bunch of different ideas and did 5 miles of ‘hills’ on the treadmill. I’m trying really hard to prevent any new tank top tan lines (that I just demolished during the cruise) before my girlfriend’s wedding Labor Day weekend. Therefore, I am going to bite the bullet and only run in the early mornings and hit the tread up until then. Is this vain? Probably. Or maybe we can say that I’m a good friend too. Yep – I’m going go with the latter.

#3 – My gym got new foam rollers that have yet to be touched…

That is until I saw the dude open the box.

2 things I learned for this picture: 

A) I need to learn how to match at the gym since it’s a public place. Really? A salmon tank top with a neon blue sports bra? Fashion fail.

B) I don’t think you can see it so well, but I will never wear that tank top again when busting out a tough sweat. It’s cotton and you can see the huge sweat blobs on my chest/stomach and back from a mile away. But that’s okay – I was really too happy to care.

These are my new sunglasses 🙂

*Side note: My 10 year old cousin calls me Princess Sweaty and today, that name could not have been more true. I’m still debating whether or not it’s a good thing that the first word that comes to mind when this cousin hears my name is SWEATY.

Well, I think those 3 reasons are enough for me to validly state that my life really is complete again. I was in such a good mood leaving the gym…I really wish every workout went this well. But hey- I can’t win ’em all (but I will try!).

Do  you prefer AM workouts or PM workouts?

I’m still experimenting and listing my pros and cons…the verdict is still out.

Fall television is upon us! What are you looking forward to starting again the most???

I looove comedies like The Office and Parks & Recreation. And let’s face it, I’m a girl. I love Grey’s Anatomy. But also….football!!!!