I don’t know if running at 6AM the morning after a gnarly 5 mile interval run is a good idea.

That was what went through my mind about two minutes into my run this morning. Oh well, I managed to chug along through 3 miles and I am pretty sure I’m going to take tomorrow off. The shin wasn’t terrible and the PF wasn’t bugging either! My legs just felt like LEAD and were a little sore for the day before. I wasn’t thrilled with my performance, but I was still glad I did it.

However…here is something that made me laugh this morning.

Haha - check out that billboard

Yes, that is my baby sister stopped next to me. But the best part is clearly the sign behind her car

Remember when I discussed Food Phases? At the time I was hooked on s’mores (and they eternally will have a special place in my heart), however, I think my heart has been found a new fling. Actually, it’s an old fling that manages to make it’s way back into my life every now and then.

Peanut Butter & Boysenberry Jelly

I have a feeling that I will be having one of these bad boys at least once a day for the next couple of weeks. As a snack or a meal – either way, one shall be consumed. So it’s a good thing I replenished my peanut butter stash.


I go ONE DAY without my jar of peanut butter…and consume basically half a jar the next day?!?! WHO DOES THAT???? Answer: ME.



Afternoon shenanigans…

Anywho, the latest hype in the eyebrow hygiene/shaping world has been threading. I’ve been an uber dedicated waxer forEVER. Well, that was up until a few months ago when I was tricked into trying something new. And I’m SO GLAD I DID! It’s actually super clean since the only thing that touches your face is the thread, and apparently it gives you the most precise and even shape possible. If you can find a place near you, I highly recommend it.

After work, I meant two aunts  and dragged them with me to experience the greatness known as threading. Best part is that one of my aunts had NEVER EVER done anything to her eyebrows before. Wait- what? Yes, it’s weird. So of course I snapped a photo of her in the works 🙂


I really wanted an after picture because she was a little red, but she wouldn’t let me!

What better way to wrap up and evening with my aunts than with some shopping??? Not only did I drag them to their first threading appointment, but I also introduced them to the place that robs my bank account on a regular basis: Lululemon. We all made small purchases (I was good and got 1 tank top and 1 head band) and made our way to Nordstrom.

I’ve been on the hunt for a new perfume for awhile now. I’ve worn Ralph Lauren’s Romance FOREVER – like since high school forever. It’s difficult to find something that is light and everyday worthy and NOT $86. We smelled almost every single scent there and of COURSE I chose this bad boy. Just based on appearance, can you guess who it’s by?

*FYI: I am incredibly embarrassed by this purchase. Why am I sharing it with you?  Only God knows.

Pretty, right?


Get ready….hahahah 


THAT’S RIGHT – I bought Justin Bieber perfume and you know what? I LOVE the way it smells. As much as I hated to admit it!!!! But hey – it really does smell lovely (not overpowering, super light scent) and it didn’t break the bank. But I’m not sure if the amount of excitement displayed in the photo below is necessary.

Oh yes, I did!


Do you have a signature scent/perfume that you stick to?

I’m going to trial Bieber for now…if you ever hang out with me, I’ll prove to you how lovely it smells 🙂


What’s your current Food Phase???