Beer Thirty.

What better way to start off a post than with a picture of one of my favorite brews? This is what I was sippin’ on around 2:30PM last Friday afternoon. My office had an afternoon personality assessment and training that ended a bit early. So what did we do? Bought beer and played Wii. It was a tough afternoon I tell ya.

I probably should have gotten up early to run Friday…but I didn’t because it was Friday and I believe Friday is a day of relaxation. I hope I’m not the only one that’s on that page. 

Anyways, I may suck at Wii bowling (I know, I know – it’s basically the easiest one and even little kids are better than me) and tennis….but I RULE at basketball. No joke. The office thinks I practice at home even though I don’t even personally own a Wii. Either way, it was a fun Friday. It’s always nice to hang out with co-workers and NOT discuss projects, deals pending or what not.

Basketball Champ

After work I braved the south bound traffic and headed to beloved San Diego! This was actually a planned trip – but come on, are you really surprised that I took a weekend trip down to San Diego? What IS surprising was that the traffic wasn’t awful and it didn’t bother me all too much. I guess when I’m not in a rush to be somewhere, I don’t see the point in getting frustrated. Can you stand traffic? Or is it something you go out of your way to avoid at all costs?

I knew that the chances of calling it an early night while in SD was basically slim to none…but I still brought running gear to motivate me to take it easy on the Jack n’ Cokes and late night California burritos and load up on the water and maybe a more healthy late night meal. Let’s face it, a night out is incomplete without a late night meal.

So you wanna know what happened? 

I downed 3 doubles of Jack n Coke and danced my tail off until the bar closed. Next stop – NOT a place along the likes of Ramone’s, Alberto’s or Santana. We went to the Pita Pit and I ordered a chicken/veggie pita and drank 2 bottles of water before hitting the hay at 3 AM.

Well, apparently I managed to set my alarm and lay my running gear out. And believe it or not – I woke my tail up!!!! Yes, I woke up at 6AM and went on what ended up being an 8 mile adventure alone. I don’t usually run around Pacific Beach, so I kind of diddle daddled around the neighborhoods and eventually saw some runner dude. I sneakily followed him and lo and behold…he guided me to a running trail that lead to the boardwalk. Score! Here’s a pretty view along the cliffs that I stopped to check out. It was sunny and clear and already about 70 degrees at 7AM! What the hell?

Gotta love San Diego!

I bet you think I went back to sleep when I got back…huh. Well, all of my commotion woke my friend up when I got back around 7:45. She saw my glistening sweat and decided that if I worked out, she should too. Wanna guess what I did now? Yep- I joined her for a 3 mile jog, with the last one being on the sand! We stopped and did lunges/ab work and grabbed some coffee on our way back


Just when I thought my day had peaked at it’s highest point, I was wrong. Because we showered, ate and went off to the Del Mar races to make some bets and win some $$$$ (FYI: we didn’t really win money). Here we are…excited to see some horses and place some bets about horses and jockeys we know nothing about!

Before I lost all my money.

I didn’t learn a darn thing about betting. Placing a trifecta on 3,7,8 and a win-place-show on 7….that’s all mumbo jumbo to me. But I rattled it off and it made sense to the people taking my money. And sadly, I made some BAD choices.


I’m thinking some of my bad choices may have had something to do with my choosing technique. This included betting on horses that had AWESOME names. Such as…

No reason for this photo. It just makes me laugh.

Hahaha…sorry – totally inappropriate, but there were worse. Others included Lord Vronsky, Hot Hot Heat and who knows. All I know is that about 70% of them made me chuckle.

My old college roommate and one of my best friends is finally getting married this weekend!!! I am so honored to be in it, so staying focused on work and training this week will be a challenge. But I guess that’s a benefit to having a blog – you guys know when I slack and when I kick butt. Let’s make sure that I don’t slack okay? 


I was wiped from getting back from San Diego so late. It’s not my fault the weather was AWESOME. I had no choice. I had to spend my entire day lounging in the 80 degree, clear skies weather that was happening in La Jolla. ANYWAYS, that just meant that I had to drive to the gym and hit the tread. Not my best run. I did 3 miles of intervals but I had a terrible side ache. I think this one was due to hydration. I know I didn’t drink too much water today…and with all the beer and Jack Daniels consumed this past weekend, it probably was a terrible choice.

I felt like 3 miles wasn’t enough, so I went on the elliptical for 20 minutes but that is just SO BORING!!! How do you guys do it???? I felt like I still had too much energy and too much nonsense on my mind, so I closed out with an extra 2 miles on the treadmill at an easy pace. It may sound kinda weird jumping back and forth, but I actually kind of liked it. It was variety and I need that when I’m at the gym.

Random note: I’m thinking about running a ‘Sandpit 5K in Mission Beach’ on September 17th. It’s supposed to be really hard because its on the sand and you have to run over dunes and through water…but I like a challenge.

Ok, I know I said I wouldn’t blog about my fun family vacation, but I was suffering from a major case of PED (post even depression). This term was coined by my cousin Karen (second from the right). It’s what we get shortly after a lengthy family vacation because we no longer see each other everyday, we no longer have our rooms cleaned twice a day and we no longer can pick 2 entrees for dinner at $0. So here’s a picture of me and my beautiful girl cousins chillin’ on a boat in the Grand Caymans. Badass.

How often do you get side aches? And how do you deal with them?

What’s your go-to drink when you go to a bar ???

Jameson and Ginger ale…or Jack n Coke – depends on how classy or not classy the place is..haha.