That is what I should have named my damn blog.

But I really do still think that running is magical – so it’s all good in the hood.

Let’s start out today’s post with something that will make you laugh.

This is what happens when my sister doesn't get Zoey groomed for a month.

Yesterday’s Workout: 3 miles in the morning in 33 minutes. Slow-poke morning.

Today’s Workout: 3.5 miles in 30 minutes. Much better. Much more normal. I felt awesome.

I can’t believe I did two early mornings in a ROW! They weren’t my longest distances, but I am still happy about it. I just love the energy I have throughout the day.

I was talking to an old friend about getting back in shape and what the plan was for this person. Of course, any type of weight loss – major or not – requires a lifestyle change. Aside from adding regular workouts to the schedule was the obvious discussion of diet. And by diet, I mean we discussed what is no longer to be consumed. The list was LONG – no red meat (for now), no beer (for a month), no fast food (FOREVER???), soda, etc….the norm!

I HATE the term ‘diet’ – that’s because I HATE giving up the things I love. I just don’t believe that you should give up some things that you love. For example, I refuse to give up….





Little Piece of Heaven

Just because I refuse to give them up doesn’t mean I have them all the time. It may sound cliche and people say it time and time again…but EVERYTHING IN MODERATION. I care about my body and I want to be healthy. So while I sneak scoops of PB from the jar on a daily basis and go through food phases with s’mores, I definitely think before I eat for the most part. For example, this morning, I really wanted a PB and Nutella sandwich for breakfast again (I had one yesterday, TRY IT) – but I knew that it’s not exactly the most nutritious and I would regret it later. So I opted for lovely oatmeal. These types of decisions are normal, daily actions of mine.

All of those morning runs and daily decisions to not give into my sweet tooth or dreams about California burritos are the reason why I allow myself to drink beer with co-workers to celebrate meeting our company goal for the month and for staying up to date!

Too delicious to resist!

As you may (or may not) already know, one of my best friends from college is getting married this weekend! So I’m taking off to my beloved San Diego for wedding festivities and lots of celebrating. *STAY TUNED FOR PICS!

I’m in the wedding party and I get to participate in the following joyous activities:

  • Thursday, Rehearsal Dinner
  • Friday, Padres vs. Rockies Baseball game (She hails from Colorado, and he is of course from San Diego – could that BE any more perfect???)
  • Saturday, WEDDING!!!!
Naturally, I thought that I had ‘no clothes’ and just ‘HAD’ to go find new things. For the first hour I was super discouraged – but I eventually scored some major cute finds which include the following:

Hinge Tank (Nordstrom's) and Kensie Skirt (SALE!)

Hinge Tank and Madewell Skirt (SALE!)

Unnecessary Purchase: Lululemon Booty shorts & sweatband

Just a fair warning, I may or may not disappear completely for the festivities…but I will be back with lots to share!!!!
What are YOUR weekend plans for Labor Day???
I plan on sticking around SD for Labor Day to enjoy the sun and friends in town. And of course, sneaking a couple runs in there.
When was the last wedding you went to?
Last month, when I ‘crashed’ a friend’s wedding 🙂