I never thought I’d say this, but I really am glad to be back. I was happy to wake up to run (ok not RIGHT when I woke up, but about 5 minutes in I was happy), I was happy to get back to work and get sh*t done and I was happy to meet up with a girlfriend for Taco Tuesday goodness. Nothing beats margaritas and tacos early in the week! Sure, it may have been an slower three miles, but its better than nothing right? I even miraculously fit a 5 mile run in on the morning of my girlfriend’s wedding day. Which brings me to the topic of this post….

A wedding never kicks off with hiccups. Luckily, mine were tiny. I picked up my girlfriend from the airport before heading down to San Diego with zero problemas. Fortunately, we beat traffic (thanks to taking a half day). Unfortunately, the girlfriend we were meeting got held up at work. So what did we do? Went to Barnes & Noble, got ready in their bathroom (so ghetto) and played Mad Libs!












How perfect is it that they were bachelorette themed? I know thats all passed…but its still fun.

Next, we ventured ‘over the bridge’ to beautiful Coronado…

Gorgeous right? The bride’s family from the east coast kept saying this was the Truman Show…and it wasn’t real. Upon arrival (and scrambling to get dressed in the car), we were greeted by this:


And more importantly…THIS.




The ‘Whamor’ – their last names combined. Now I’m not exactly sure what was in this concoction, but it was freaking delicious and freaking strong. Three of those deep and I was sent into a tizzy. After some heart felt speeches and story telling, the party was NOT over. There was an after party…at a bar of course.


And drank lots of this:



And felt like this…

So its a good thing you have a friend who has all sorts of goodies in her bag…



Really? A full sized tube of toothpaste and sunblock? The toothpaste came in handy, so I guess I can’t complain.

It was pretty awesome being greeted in your hotel room with a goodie bag filled with chips, water, Emergen-C, Tylenol packs, granola bars and mandarin oranges. Completely precious. I love small thoughtful details.






This may be an irrelevant tid bit, but I just so happened to choose a nail polish named ‘Will You Mariachi Me?’ – Honestly, can it get any more ideal? I chose the color before even checking on the name!

My friend and I also lucked out and got an ADA compliant room that was abnormally massive. Our bathroom had both a bathtub AND a shower…no one else had that! Boo ya! All of this room really did come in handy.


We also had a nifty balcony that overlooked the awesome parking garage. Remember, we’re not rich – so we used the blocked roommate rate and did NOT upgrade to a room with a view. Boooo…maybe in a 10 years!


To make things more perfect, the Colorado Rockies (the bride’s family hails from Littleton, CO) were in town playing the San Diego Padres. So the families reserved a rooftop with unlimited beer, hotdogs, hamburgers AND amazing pasta salad from an hour before the game started until the 7th inning. YES – I did ate 1 hotdog, 1 hamburger and a plateful of pasta salad. And NO – I didn’t take a pic of the food. You’d be alarmed. And you also do NOT want to know how much beer I consumed. And YES – I did fit into my dress with ease the next day πŸ™‚



We took the ferry over from Coronado Island. I’m FROM southern California, and a good view still makes me smile.




View from our rooftop. Sorry about the random dude’s head – but I was holding a beer and trying to take a pic simultaneously. I’m pretty sure the Padres lost – BOO – but to be honest, I think most of us were having too much fun catching up with everyone who showed up to the game and enjoying the beer πŸ™‚



Don’t worry, I won’t skip out on the extra fun the actual DAY OF, that’s the best part! But no suspense is no fun, right?


Who is YOUR favorite baseball team?

Angel’s FAN! Growing up in Orange County…there is just no other way. But those Padres come in a close second πŸ™‚


What’s your favorite flavor wedding cake?

I gravitate towards anything chocolate – but red velvet has been the winner as of lately. My aunt had a mocha flavor and that is awesome on a different level.