First things first…

Today’s workout

I slept in until 6:45AM!!!! I had to leap out of bed and scramble into the office. Good thing I already planned on an afternoon workout. The heat here in Orange County is RIDICULOUS. 75 degrees at 7:30AM? I mean…really???? Uncalled for. I couldn’t help but think thank goodness I didn’t run this morning.Β 

I had planned on 5 miles in intervals on the treadmill with some ab work last night. And that’s exactly what I did. Watching the US Open on the TV while running is what kept me going. Well, that, listening to Foster the People and watching teenagers become familiar with the free weights. Good times.

Onto the fun stuff and overload of photos from this past weekend. It was so eventful that it got TWO separate posts.

I’m lucky enough to say that I have more than one best girlfriend. But she IS the first to tie the knot….so she get’s the cool blog post title. You should also prepare yourself for the gorgeousness that was her wedding. She had an AMAZING team behind her and I cannot WAIT until the professional photos come in. So while she honeymoons in Mykonos, Greece…we’ll have to deal with the following eye candy.

My morning started off with a 6:30AM run. Which was awesome because Coronado has a super gnarly marine layer that takes awhile to lift. So 5 miles later, and it still looked like this. The Marriott there is extra cool because this is the view directly across from it. Gotta love downtown San Diego.







We all had hair/make up appointments because let’s face it – no matter how good you are at doing your hair or make up, a professional knows whats best. The people were awesome and listened to our ideas to make sure we were happy and felt comfortable. Of course, snacks were provided. Her favorite chips and water.


And more importantly, what’s a celebration without champagne???


In our little 5th goodie bag, came essentials that included: molefoam for our shoes, these clear covers for our heels to prevent us from sinking into the grass and ruining our new shoes and of course nail polish for sh*ts and giggles.


We were all unprepared with these shoes. They were sort of narrow and I of course have awful Flinstone feet – so a couple girls and I decided to attempt to break them in. Can you guess which pair of legs are mine?



Our dresses…via J.Crew.


Before the party started…I was REALLY happy I guess.




They got the San Diego trolley to shuttle guests and of course the Bridal Party to and from the ceremony site. How cute are those posters???


Ceremony site decor. They were so pretty in the wind.



Post wedding celebration beers!





The bridal party CHOWED DOWN in the villa while waiting for the cocktail hour to end.


Fudge favors – I had my friend hoard a bunch that people didn’t take. And yes, I ate them.

Cute welcome table with wedding photos of their parents and grandparents. I love personal touches!








The night was beautiful and I LOVED seeing my friend so happy. It sounds super cheesy, but a person looks EXTRA beautiful when they are just over the moon. Usually events that get hyped up tend to disappoint. But I assure you that this was everything she (and I) dreamed of and more!

NOW – it’s back to real life. Back to the grind of early mornings and late nights (blogging and working out) and back to focusing on my ‘goals’ for year 2-5.


What is your favorite part of a wedding?

I really love listening to the toasts from the maid of honor and best man. Any cute stories and anecdotes really draw a great picture of the bride and groom.Β 


Do you set goals each birthday? If so, what were they?