I usually don’t think I have a TON of profound, wise pieces of knowledge to share. But I’ve learned a few basics that are usually an obvious thing to do for most, normal people (and apparently, NOT me).

So here have been my lessons learned about life in general and myself from this past week:

#1 I can be bribed VERY easily with chocolate.

Any chocolate really. For example, my boss placed these on my desk, and all of a sudden, I was SO FOCUSED on the projects that I was assigned to AND MORE. I mean, I hammered out work like my life depended on it.

#2 Always do what your mom tells you to do.

If her name is Edith, then you REALLY should listen. Example: she ‘forced’ my sisters and I to love musical theater growing up. And you know what? BEST THING EVER. Last week was her birthday and we all went to see The West Side Story since its in town. Not only does speaking fluently and knowledgeably about musical theater make you sound intelligent and well cultured, but its badass and awesome. The show was also awesome. The performers were UNREAL. The dancing was mesmerizing. And once again, I dreamed that my life was one big musical that night.

If I can look like her when I'm her age (which I will not reveal), I can die happy.


I decided to conquer 11 miles this past Saturday. It has been hotter than hell over here alll last week and I checked the weather Friday night and it said it’d be in the low 70s where I was planning on running. My thoughts? WONDERFUL. I’ve been settling for a darn treadmill all week because I had failed to wake up at the butt crack of dawn and I don’t do well in blazing hot weather.

About 2 miles into my run, it started to sprinkle. I thought, that’s cool. It’s early, it’ll pass, and I love running in cool weather. This is what it looked like:

The light rain was on and off, but when I made the turn around at the 5.5 mile marker…it POURED. As in, I couldn’t really see because the wind was sending the rain in MY FACE and my clothes were sticking to my body and my shoes were sloshing water everywhere. Oh wait, and thunder and lightning ensued. And I had another 5.5 miles to go. Perfect…NOT.

What kept me going? All the other crazies out there that trucked along. If they were doing it, so was I damnit! Also, I had no choice. I got to my car, convulsing because I was so cold and immediately stripped down. Its a darn good thing I keep extra running clothes in my car. Oh wait – I didn’t have extra running SHORTS. FAIL. Driving pantless with my wet hair slicked back so I look like a man? Lovely.

Mind you, I’m brown. I don’t TURN blue. But this past Saturday, I think I turned a little blue. Cold, wet and arriving home to the power being out and having to run into the house without any pants on? Not my sexiest moment. Oh well. Oh yah, and my right knee started to hurt a bit. Sad day, right?

#4 Football on the weekends in the fall can turn a bad run around to help me see the positive.

My friend’s mom flew out all the way from Michigan for the weekend and they invited me down San Diego to watch some college ball. I was lamenting about my GOD AWFUL run and I was still shivering…but a Bloody Mary and some football got me to shift my mood and perspective. All of a sudden, it dawned on me. MY RUN WASN’T A TOTAL FAIL. You wanna know why?

My legs felt GREAT so the actual run (minus the rain) was pretty awesome, I kept a good steady pace and I didn’t pass out after. So there was a WIN somewhere in there. But then again, more importantly, I FINISHED THE RUN. So you wanna know what I did next? Celebrated…a LOT. Michigan beating Notre Dame (sorry Irish fans) and USC beat Utah…and of COURSE the Chargers beating the Vikings (sorry Vikings fans) helped the celebrations scoot along juuuust fine.

Punishment shots.

The weekend of course winded down with those delicious treats (I am pretty sure I ate 20 of those m&m things) from my previous post with a side of some REALLY SPICY Chicken Tortilla soup.

For the m&m things…

  • Simply heat your oven to 275 degrees F
  • Place Hershey Kisses on the pretzels on a sheet pan
  • Heat in the oven for 3 minutes (NO LONGER)
  • Take out, and place PEANUT BUTTER m&ms on them
  • Place in fridge to solidify the chocolate – I’m not sure for how long. But I don’t remember waiting longer than 10 minutes!
What I DIDN’T document was one of my guilty pleasures that go with football season…BAR FOOD. So here we go…
What’s YOUR favorite BAR FOOD???
I LOVE NACHOS and sliders
Random: Do you pick out an outfit for a race very far in advance?
I read that you should run in your most comfortable outfit. But I don’t know if I have a favorite or most comfy. Anyone else?