This past weekend, I endured in the hardest 3.1 miles I have ever run. I am not kidding. The next time someone says something along the lines of “oh you just run through some knee deep water and do some tires along the beach” – I will know they are LYING.

well, let me back it up. I drove to San Diego (I know, AGAIN) Friday night and guess what? I didn’t party that night. In honor of the Sandpit 5K, my friend and I decided to stay in and show up ready to rumble. And also, ready to watch some college football at the bar after! Upon our trip for some peanut butter, I stumbled upon the BEST candy bag ever:

No, this is not joke. My two favorite chocolate bars in one bag? No need to sort through the nonsense because it’s ALL GOODNESS!!!


The race didn’t start until 8AM, and it was relatively small. So I actually felt kind of weird running so ‘late’. As in I felt like I was running late or like I missed the race. Either way, that in itself made me feel slightly out of my element.

Before the race started, we were informed of the following:

  • The men started 3 minutes prior to the women
  • The first half was on hard packed sand (aka, near the water)
  • There were going to be 4 obstacles in shallow water
  • The second half was on soft packed sand (hard as hell to run on)
  • 4 obstacles (tires, things to jump over, things to dodge, etc)
  • A 10 foot sand hill
  • A 3 foot sandpit
What people SHOULD have clarified was the following:
  • When you’re 5’2, ‘shallow’ means just above your waist deep in water with waves crash up against you (yes, I endured that FOUR TIMES)
  • Your shoes will feel like they weigh 10 lbs. after running into the ocean 4 times
  • 10 lb. shoes = lead legs
  • No matter how many times you’ve run on the sand, soft packed sand SUCKS, especially with WET shoes that weigh 10 lbs.
  • Taking off your shoes will SEEM like a good idea, but once you start running with them – your arms die too since the shoes really DO weigh about 10 lbs.
So YES, this race kicked my ass. And YES, I still had a blast. I just love a good challenge and this tested my boundaries. Some highlight included:
  • Finishing only 5 minutes behind one of the guys I went to the race with – BOOM!
  • Running into the water initially was actually kind of fun – it was refreshing! And having some experience with knowing how to get in and out of the water effectively was rather useful.
  • I LOVED conquering each obstacle. I had to walk for a minute after each one on the soft packed sand, but damn, knowing that I was still standing was a FREAKING MIRACLE!
  • I climbed up that 10 foot sand hill with ease!
  • Seeing the finish line is always an awesome feeling…its a good reminder of why I love races.
I didn’t take pictures OF the race, LAME. But luckily, a friend snapped a shot of us all in the beer garden after!
And yes, that is my friend’s boss who placed in his age group. Yeaaaah buddy!
I was a nut case and ran an additional mellow 3 miles along the boardwalk. It was nice and overcast all morning. This meant that all the hot surfer men were out to play and it was beautiful! So by 11:30AM on Saturday, I had logged 6 miles (3 of which involved obstacles), showered and made my way to the bar on the boardwalk for some college football. The fun was documented. And I have taken the liberty to edit them to something as family friend as possible:

I started with this...nice and spicy.

One more bloody mary and some beers...lead to this lovely shot.


All of our teams won. So we celebrated. I'm not sure what they were of.

I got greedy later that afternoon.

In my defense, those slushies were composted of vodka and Red Bull and they are deceivingly delicious. Partying during the day = me in bed by 10PM. Not a bad deal when I had to wake up early and watch some NFL – I would recap that but I’m pissed the Chargers lost. So there is my recap – I would without a doubt, do it again in case you were wondering!


How do you feel about day drinking? 

I am now a fan. I get to bed early and feel better in the morning. I love booze and football.


Have you ever ran on soft packed sand? Thoughts? Tips?

Seriously, my calves are on fire and I totally lagged.