I received an oh-so-lovely email from Run Racing (aka the people who are holding the Long Beach Half Marathon) reminding me that I am going to run 13.1 miles in 16 days!!!

My  intial thoughts? HOLY SHIT.

My collected thoughts?

I feel under-trained. Don’t get me wrong, I know my body can handle the distance. I have been completing short runs that range from 3-5 miles on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Wednesdays got sometimes an easy run or cross trained on the elliptical plus some free weights. I took Fridays off and Saturday runs ranged between eight and ten miles. So yes, I trained, but I didn’t do was get faster. Since I’m still relatively new to this running business, I didn’t really incorporate much speed training in until recently. While I know I cannot make too much of a difference within the next 16 days, my goal will be to stay more focused and healthy.

Boy, am I glad I started to break in a new pair of shoes.

These babies are nice and cushioned. They’re so white and pretty…that will not be the case in 16 days.

I gotta drop the LBs. I’m pretty satisfied with my body at this point. I’m active and healthy. And on most days, my runs have been feeling great! But I do feel lighter on my feet when I’m a little more on the ‘trim’ side when completing longer distances. I know, I know ‘muscle weighs more’ – but when I’m training, I’m about twice as hungry as usual. For those who have read my blog before, I don’t have to say that I lack some serious discipline when it comes to turning down the food I love.


Now that I’ve shared my collected thoughts…what am I going to do for the next 16 days?

Less booze, more water and electrolytes. Let’s be honest. I have been partying WAY TOO MUCH. In between bachelorette parties, weddings, family vacations and the kick off of football season…too many beers, liquors and wine have been put into my body. This can also be a reason why I feel undertrained and not on top of my game. I made a mental promise to NOT drink for the next 16 days. We’ll see how it goes…

Keep my eye on the prize. I don’t know if I need new running paths or what…but I’m feeling a little burnt out on the training. I am still obsessed and in love with running, but I just need another jump start to get me to stay focused on my training. Luckily, I have mellow weekends ahead of me. As in, I already gave everyone a heads up that I planned on quiet weekends until Oct. 9th. (And on Oct. 9th after I run 13.1 miles, we can have 13.1 beers…kidding)

Be better about washing my running laundry. Yes, this one is kind of irrelevant. But I always wear every single piece of clothing until I MUST wash it again. This often results in the following:

Yes, that’s mismatched NOT running socks and oversized calves. I need this to not happen again.


On the brightest note of my day….I came home from 5 miles on the treadmill to my FAVORITE snickerdoodles in the WHOLE WORLD – Diddy Riese in Westwood. And I literally walked in the door, saw them in the kitchen and ate two before making dinner in all my sweaty goodness.

Little piece of heaven.


Ready to eat the WHOLE BAG.

My Mom is the bomb.com and got an entire bag full. Thanks Mom!


How do you mentally prepare the last few weeks before a big race?


What is your ALL TIME FAVORITE baked good? And who makes it/where is it from???