A lot can go through a girl’s mind when she decided to hit the hay before midnight on a FRIDAY night. Or on a Saturday night when she leaves the bar in sadness due to USC getting their tails whooped by ASU…or while she sits on her tail for far too long and watches episode after episode of Mad Men. Well, what went through my mind were the downsides to fall. Lately, we’ve been raving about how much we love fall.

We love the cooler weather because it was a HOT summer for everyone. We love that all the fall TV shows are back, and that football is back in season! We love the pumpkin spiced lattes and cinnamon everything…ya know. I actually LOVE all of the optimism. It’s a part of the reason why I love this whole blogging thing so much. It’s the encouragement, advice and that little extra bump to get me through my day. HOWEVER, the natural pessimist in me took over and decided to complain internally about the fall and I could only come up with TWO things. That’s damn good if you ask me. I can usually build a huge long list of ‘bad’ things.

The sun doesn’t rise until about 6:45AM.

And the sunsets earlier too. According to me…THI IS NOT OKAY. Actually, a few times last week I dragged myself out of bed and when I looked out my window, it looked like it was 1AM (aka, when bad things happen). So in order to live to see another day, I have sadly gone back to my late afternoon/evening runs. It really is a shame because as much as a NON morning person I can be, morning runs have been extremely beneficial.

All of my friends from out of town are out of town again.

Yep, school is back in session and vacation season is over. That means that friends are no longer in town for fun adventures and that I’m bored more often. The optimist in me actually thinks this a good thing because it means less booze and more focus on training. But I still think its sad.

On another and more important note:

Saturday morning…I ran 11 miles. ALONE. And I actually really loved it. I started around 7am and the marine layer was super thinI had an awesome playlist going and the weather was IDEAL! Low to mid 60s, kind of misting. The sun started to peak out towards the end, which was around 9AM. No crazy pains. My right foot was aching a bit for a couple hours after- damn plantar fasciitis. But I made sure to ice and stretch after so I was good as new come Sunday morning. That run is actually exactly what I needed to build up some confidence for my half marathon coming up.

I also rewarded myself with this:

Yep- that is the gamed PB+J with almonds from Pinkberry. In case you were wondering, the reviews were accurate. This thing is DELICIOUS and I cannot wait to have it again. While the weather may get cooler, that does not mean that I will stop eating frozen treats. It’s just a fact.


So how was your weekend? Anything fun?

Is there anything about fall that you do NOT like?