THANK YOU EVERYONE for all of the kind words of encouragement. I am starting to get excited for this race. I don’t exactly feel super confident, but I like a challenge and the thrill of seeing the results of all of my hard work.

I usually try to keep a blogpost ‘on point’, with a specific topic or thought in attempt for you to take something from it. Also, I don’t like to appear disorganized. But let’s face it, my mind – like many of you – races at a million miles a minute. I only wish that I could run and move as fast as my thoughts do. In attempt to be ‘on point’ yet slightly disorganized, I decided to share a few random things.

#1 I went to a TV on the Radio concert Sunday night.

And it was at by far, the VERY BEST venue in Southern California: the Hollywood Bowl. Seriously, the sound here is booming clear. The seating layout is great AND it’s bring your own food/booze. How awesome is that? So people (including myself and a friend) brought our own goods. Confession: I snacked heavily on Peanut Butter m&ms.

The entire line up consisted of:

Smith Westerns

War Paint

Panda Bear




Arctic Monkeys




My wild guess is that not a lot of you guys have heard of most of these bands. They are a bit on the indie/alternative side of things, but I promise you, TV on the Radio is excellent. So many layers of music and their passion for their art form was unreal. Aside from running, food and shopping – music happens to be a GREAT love of mine. I’m actually still on a concert high – in search for my next fun show to attend!

Seriously, if you decide to check out any of the bands listed above – let me know what you think!

#2 If I didn’t have to worry about money, I’d hire a chauffeur. 

I really hate to play into popular stereotypes, but I honestly HATE to drive. This is also surprising because I gladly make the 1 1/2 drive to San Diego quite often. But ask my sisters, I can nervous and sweat when I’m the driver. I have a terrible sense of direction and when I have extra precious cargo (baby cousins) I can barely breathe.

This is me holding my arms up because I started sweating profusely while stuck in traffic. My sisters find this amusing, hence the picture. Oh yeah, and that’s my bro-in-law putting up with my sisters and I being ridiculously annoying together.

#3 I started running because my roommate made me.

Ok, that might be a semi-lie. I wanted to lose weight. But she really was a HUGE influence in getting me to get moving and educate myself on what was best for my body. Post college, I had no real routine or idea how to manage my time. I was boozing too much and ate WHATEVER I wanted. Here I was, roughly 20 lbs. heavier.


My friend was always so fit and she’d talk about her 6 mile runs. And at the time…I couldn’t even make it ONE MILE. So I started with making that my goal….just to make it through ONE mile running non stop. This mission began in November 2010 when I literally LOATHED every pic of me. Well, time passed and eventually one mile was normal, so I would inch forward and tacked on a quarter of a mile at a time whenever a distance got ‘comfortable’. Now that I look back, I can’t even believe that I consider a 3 mile run as ‘taking it easy’. I mean, really? The combination of being more conscious of what I put in my body and cutting back on the booze….I got some serious results. *Notice that I didn’t cut booze completely. I don’t believe in completely giving up the things you love!

Here I am now…20 lbs lighter, more confident and sort of obsessed with running. I just feel so lucky to have found a form of exercise that I honestly enjoy and even look forward to.


Wine still in hand ❤


13.1 miles

Sorry Mom.

It’s an ongoing thing. A lifestyle change that has been 100% worth it!

Hmmm…that’s all for now. Maybe more another time.


YOUR TURN: Tell me something random and cool about yourself since we’re all friends here.