I know. I haven’t blogged in FOR-EV-ER. Last week was quite the whirlwind at work and that left me with barely enough energy to run. So I figured it’s be best to do a quick weekend update. The title of this blogpost really sums it up. But of course, there are the little in-between that happened to make it a LITTLE more interesting.

2 Pairs of Pants

via Lululemon….I KNOW. So bad. What is wrong with me? I get paid and BOOM – I shop for unnecessary things. Well, I think they’re necessary. I’ve been in need of another pair of cropped running pants and I’ve had my eye on a particular pair for awhile. The second pair was on sale and I don’t know how to say NO to a good sale. I like to think of them as a reward for training. So I guess that means I get a reward for actually finishing too. Thoughts?

Because the models on the Lululemon website have rockin’ bods, I’ll show you what I bought with them wearing it.

Run Inspire Crop II:

Groove Pants ON SALE: (they still need to be hemmed)

8 Miles

I hit the hay at 11:30PM on a Friday…yes, this is the 3rd Friday in a row that I’ve been in bed before midnight. And it’s a good thing I did because I felt pretty darn good dragging myself out of bed at 5:45AM for a morning run. I thought about driving to Long Beach to scope out the course and stuff, but to be honest, that’s just an extra 10 minutes I didn’t want to wait. Either way, the weather was cool with a whole lotta sun.

Huntington Beach will always have my heart.

I actually tested out those new Lululemon cropped pants and I really loved them. I have a pair of Nike capris that hit just below my knee that I love, so I was a bit doubtful about having pants that hit mid (EXTRA HUGE) calf. But guess what? Not ONCE did I have to readjust anything. No pulling at the waist or any discomfort. Believe it or not, not having anything to constantly adjust makes a HUGE difference on a distance run.

I actually completed 8.5 miles…and it went really well. I got a side ache around mile 6, but I was able to breath and stretch a bit through it, so that was good. I’m praying that doesn’t happen on the big day- any tips??? No major foot pain (YAY) and I like to think I kept a pretty steady tempo, except for when I stopped to take a picture and check out a surfer. Hey, it happens.

5 DAYS!!!!

May the OFFICIAL countdown to my second time around to conquering 13.1 miles begin! Yep- I still feel a tad undertrained, but I still really enjoy running and I am still looking forward to the challenge in general.

My plans for this week?

  • Don’t change too much
  • Include a little more rest
  • Eat less crap. This means less trips to the candy bowl at work.
  • Stay hydrated
  • Stay positive
  • Make a kickass playlist that’ll last the whole half marathon
What do you do in preparation on the week of a big race?
Tips on preventing side aches?