Funny how this is indeed ‘big news’ in Orange County, but it actually is quite hilarious since it was about 85 degrees here on Sunday! Talk about a major turn around, huh. Today’s weather sat in the mid 60s-low 70s, and dipped down a little more once the sun went down. I am SURE all of you east coasters or midwesterners are thinking ‘wah wah wah’, but I can’t help it! This weather is ‘colder’ for me. We whine about 50 degree weather. Either way, this major fluctuation in weather conditions reminded me to keep an eye on what the weather will be like on the big day…

I will also have to keep in mind that I’ll be running around 7AM, so it will be nice and cool (hopefully!).

Random Fact of the Day:

I always wear wacky socks when I actually wears shoes under denim.

These bad boys were a gift from my mom – she went to Alaska last winter and I got these lovely socks. Also, a sweat band which is bound to make an appearance sooner or later. And yes, those are moose on them.



Don’t worry, I remained ‘professional’ and made sure they were hidden.


Today’s workout:

You know that moment, when you awkwardly see a guy you used to date with his new girlfriend…yah, THAT HAPPENED. Luckily, that is only a distant memory at this point and let’s get serious – I WAS RUNNING. Nothing can really get to me when I’m running. It’s magical, REMEMBER?

Nice and easy 4 miles which I found to be quite enjoyable. That is in much thanks to the following:

  • The ‘real fall’ weather
  • I made an effort to stay hydrated
  • Lovely playlist
  • Knowing that I was going to have Rocky Road ice cream later
  • Knowing I was going to spend some time with my ‘stick’ (get yo minds out of the gutter) – I gotta keep these muscles in tip top shape!
Now onto more important things…as I work towards a mini goal for the week…
Which was to make a badass playlist for the half marathon. What are you ideas??? WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO RUN TO???
I think it’d be super cool if I had a song from each of you on there. Hey – I’ll even dedicate those 3-5 minutes, or however long that particular song you contribute is, to YOU. And I might even give you a shout out on the half marathon recap.
For example: “And when this song ________ which was recommended by ________ came on, I sped past everyone and set a world record”. 
Again, thanks everyone for all the support. I just LOVE training for something and having an end goal in general. It keeps my focused and it is nice to have something to dedicate my time to outside of the workplace…I’m started to get EXCITED!!!!!