I’ve taken some time to relax. You may (or may not) have noticed my fail to post – but don’t be fooled people, I’ve been reading YOUR blogs and I am 100% sure that they are what prevented any true ‘burn out’ during my training. So what have I been up to?

A lot of this:

Ice cold IPA via Pacific Beach Ale House

While chillin’ under this:

California sun...pinky up because I'm fancy.

But don’t worry, there is still some ‘easy’ running with a side of this:

The view never gets old.

Why yes, I still get up for early morning runs on Saturdays. I really thought it would be the first thing I quit doing post half marathon. But apparently, my body likes waking up and moving. No complaints. More room for food and booze πŸ™‚

Aside from beer with a side of running (or jogging)…what am I going to do with myself???

While Long Beach may not have been my best run and definitely NOT my best race – but for some reason…I’ve already planned my upcoming races! And yes, I am pretty stoked on it. The current game plan is to ‘take it easy’ for the month of October, and slowly kick it back up in November because my next race will be taking place in JANUARY!!

I tested my mental and physical threshold and I think I can handle more. So a friend and I have decided to take on the Half Marathon Triple Crown Series. I’ve always wondered about these series and challenges – those people get cool medals and jackets and I WANT THEM. So here’s the deal:

January 22nd, Carlsbad Half Marathon

April 29th, La Jolla Half Marathon

August 21st, America’s Finest City Half Marathon

Crazy? Maybe. I’ve seen much crazier. They may be 10x faster and 10x more talented, but life is no fun without a good challenge.

Fear of getting worse of running…

I’ve seriously been suffering with this thought at the back of my mind. So at first, I was seriously a nutcase and went on a 3 mile run the Monday post race, got my yoga on that Tuesday, cross trained that Thursday and did a small jog on Saturday. In case you were wondering, it was NOT a good idea. I was in pain that following Sunday. Β I guess I should just give myself a freaking break. Enjoy the damn beer, the damn pizza and extra chocolate.

HOWEVER, to prevent myself from spiraling out of control, I’ve kept up with 3-4 mile runs 3x a week with a side of weight/ab work. I plan on keeping Saturday morning runs (if my Friday night allows, haha) – just no pressure. Run how I feel and just keep myself moving. The challenge will be finding that balance between being too easyΒ on myself versus too hard (to prevent injury and burn out). So we’ll see how it goes.

Today: 3 miles on the treadmill (29 min.) and 30 min. (moderate) on the elliptical while I caught the first half of the Jets vs. Dolphins game at the gym.

I should also probably cut down – not cut OUT- the booze (haaaaaa, but seriously) and eat cleaner too. This plan should keep me in tact hopefully. Well, I’m about to find out!


How do YOU recover post race?Β 

How long do you usually wait until you race again?

Any feedback on these cool series/challenge things???