First things first…

I am having a good running week. I think it’s because I’ve just been running according to feel. I still play with speeds to keep things fun, but nothing is forced. It’s also been fun to cross train by taking spin class, do some weights and NOT be on a running schedule. Funny part is that I still run anyways. It’s like my body can’t go without it..and I will NOT complain. Now if I could quit eating so much chocolate and drinking so much beer…well, now that’s a whole different story.


Yesterday something weird happened. Someone that wasn’t me (GASP!) in my office changed the Pandora to a Zac Brown Band station. Now, I don’t necessarily hate on country music – I cave and have my favorite tunes. They’re  throwback to my Dad, so I can’t help but smile a little  when I hear a familiar song. However, it’s definitely not my favorite genre. So I was really caught off guard when I found myself really loving it! In particular, I was loving…

Dirt Road Anthem – Jason Aldean

Just to See You Smile – Tim McGraw

Stay – Sugarland

To those who know me…do not fret! The phase only last a day and I was back to my indie music loving self. Which brings me to the actual point of this post (pardon the tangent)…what do you like to run to?

Aside from running, food, booze and an obsession with shopping…I am a total music freak! I find myself constantly looking for new music to check out. And when I end of liking a band I get obsessed and research the hell out of them…where they came from, what inspires them, etc. Thanks to everyone who contributed music ideas to a previous post…they may not have made the actual half marathon play list – but they did make it into my itunes! Here’s a look at what I rocked out and ran to earlier this month…

(mind you…I made a 3.8 hour playlist and I only ran for 2:27)



Yep- there is a huge range of stuff in there.

A lot of people get surprised by some of the mellow, slower songs that appear on my running playlists. But I find those tunes to actually be really soothing and they calm me down. I tend to get a little nervous before climbing a hill, picking up my pace or even when I start to get tired. So hearing a calming song helps me stay in the right mindset. Make sense? My latest obsession for the past few months as been The Silent Comedy – they’re on the rock and roll side of folky/blue grass music and I really dig their blue-sy sound.

I usually make a playlist and put it on shuffle for a couple months before I change it up. I’d say this half marathon playlist is a compilation of everything I’ve been listening to this year.

Do you make playlists for specific races?

Or do you make playlists specifically for running? If so…what makes its way onto your playlists often?

Any recommendations???