YOU GUYS. IT HAPPENED. I slept in past 8AM on Saturday morning and didn’t do a distance run. OH EM GEE.

Actually, that was really bound to happen eventually. The combination of this past week’s crazy ass workload, attempting to stay ‘fit’, indulging in too much beer, attending a conference and prepping for Halloweiner was a bit much for this 25 (GROSS) year old. But let me just say…life is always more fun when my plate is overflowing with shit going on.

Off topic but TOTALLY worth mentioning is the fact that Edith (aka, Mom) is off on a 4 week trip to South America. She was awesome and sent me a pic of the view from her room…REALLY.


So how has life NOT training been going?

Answer: AWESOME. I reflected back to my latest posts and realized that I was pushing myself a bit too hard. I deserve a freaking break! And I am not referring to increasing my beer intake – I did that without any thinking. But I don’t need to push myself with 3-5 mile runs 3 times a week. So last week I enjoyed a spin class, a lovely walk, more weight training and all other forms of exercise. The variety is nice. But it the magic of running will always have a special place in my heart.

I exercise this acceptance in stepping back tonight when I was running and watching the Chargers suck (I’m still watching in horror) and my right knee had some weird pains. Usually, I’d try to push through it or at most walk for 30 seconds and keep going. But you know what I did? I just stopped and hopped on the elliptical. It was weird.

Work has been a pain in my butt.

Don’t get me wrong. I really like what I do. I like software and all the nerdiness that comes along with it. However, this week was INSANE. I completed a HUGE project and attended a big IT conference in Long Beach on Friday. I can’t tell you how much I love getting out of the office for a day and meeting all the hooligans I email and speak on the phone to on a weekly basis. Another cool part? All the dessert I get to eat.

Sometimes, i go overboard.

I’d like to take a moment and give MAJOR PROPS to all those that work in sales, especially outside sales. Because networking and talking and letting people know about your product ALL DAY LONG (and not via website content, my fav) is super duper exhausting. What better way to end the week than with a HALLOWEINER PARTY???

No, I’m not creative and I don’t come up with badass costumes. So of course I left it up to my baby sister to find my costume on the day of a party we are hosting. What did she get me? Only the most fitting costume in the WORLD.


Everyone said to be the green m&m because its a girl and its sexy. But peanut m&ms rock my world and I don’t do sexy. And yes, I was drinking Skinny Girl Margaritas from the bottle with a  straw. If you ever need tips on how to party, contact me.

My little sister is awesome & creative --> Nick Minaj

Poor Zoey was feeling left out.

A key stone light & a pimp cup. SO CLASSY. Apparently, I'm still in college.

Cousin Karen on far left = IRON CHEF. Amazing.

Ok Ok, enough with the party pics and show you about how I can indeed be ‘mature’. While I partied really hard and didn’t wake up until 9:30AM on Saturday…and didn’t get out of bed until 1:30PM to sweat it out over a 1 mile JOG followed by the slowest bike ride over……I stayed IN on Saturday. A fav girlfriend came over and joined me for some of this goodness.

Wine & Sundaes

There was also a side of ‘so-bad-it’s-good’ movies such as Junior (starring Danny de Vito and the Governator) and The Last Song (starring Hannah Montana and her hot boyfriend, aka Tron’s younger bro).

Oh yah, I should also mention that I stayed in bed until 12PM on Sunday too. Talk about making up for all the 5:30-6AM Saturdays I’ve been doing for the past few months!

Goals for the week:

  1. More blog posts – I have been LAGGING. Major fail.
  2. Continue to cross train
  3. Less beer (until Saturday)
  4. Clean my room
  5. Buy a new running tank top
How do you stay fit when you’re not training?
What was the last concert that you went to? (I swear that question is NOT irrelevant)