Why has life been so hectic lately? I used to be one of those people that could go to work, go home and NOT think about work until I walked back into the office the next day. Over time, that has changed. A project that I’m currently working on will linger in the back of my head or I’ll brainstorm and come in with some different ideas. Either way, I don’t necessarily think its a bad thing…does this mean I’m growing up? Crap.
Well, here is what I’ve been up to…
Fun Gym Trips
I’ve been indulging in some cross training and spin classes. And man, those spin classes do wonder for one’s bottom. Running is still a very regular part of my life – it’s what keeps me sane. But it’s nice to change it up every now and then. I go to a local country club (still riding on the family deal) that I grew up going to, so the gym is pretty small. That means that the class times aren’t exactly abundant, which blows because I can never make it to any of the cool body pump or yoga classes. I’m not necessarily a huge group class person, but that’s where I learn new exercises, or what to be focusing on, etc.
Also, my younger sister’s schedule has changed so she is a new gym buddy these days. Going to the gym with someone makes things so much more fun!
Sister Nights
My sisters and I have been total slackers in regards to sister nights lately. This past Thursday the baby sis and I decided to force our married sister to come to dinner with us.
Sister night commences with an awkward photo…why yes, I went for a run, and changed in another set of running clothes.
We dined out to Karl Strauss (an AWESOME California brewery). What’s a good dinner without a good beer? In honor of fall, I always order the seasonal Oktoberfest. During this time of year, it’s really the only way to go. However, Karl Strauss as a pretty sold red brew if any of you ever want to check it out!
To say we indulged is an understatement. This is a ‘Big Beer Burger’ – complete with mushrooms and bacon and provolone. On the plus side, I opted out of fries and go veggies instead. Baby steps…
Beer-amisu for dessert.
Justinne was REALLY into the beer-amisu.
Cheers to Thursday night brewskis!
Some Serious Shopping 
The worst part is that it was all unintentional. I went to the mall to get my eyebrows threaded (seriously, I highly recommend it) and walked away with a Lululemon pullover, black skinny jeans and high waisted denim skirt from Levis, and a completely unnecessary red party dress (ON SALE).
If you don’t already take the time to read description tags from Lululemon, I recommend it. Please read #6 below…
Explanation seen here:
‘Cold hands’ and ‘Warm heart’.
HAHAHAH – Seriously? I can’t help but think that’s hilarious.
Lot’s of Wine with a Side of Ryan Gosling
This is how I KNOW I’m getting old…I didn’t go out Friday. I stayed in and drank a lot of wine and watched ‘Crazy Stupid Love’ with some girlfriends. When I say a lot of wine, that is an understatement. Also, I got to cuddle with her puppies.
Put My Time into Something Good
And if you’re wondering if I ran Saturday morning, the answer is NO – two weeks in a ROW!!!! What?
Actually, my sisters, bro in law and cousin walked to end Alzheimer’s. My older sister did a whole post on her own darn blog about the walk and why participating meant so much to us. Check it out!
More Beer
I realize that my break from training is upon me. So I decided to participate in too many rounds of flip cup at a bar with some friends. The lovely cocktail of Jameson and ginger ale was closer. Why do I do this to myself? That combination might have a lot to do with the fact that I stayed in my PJs and watched football from my bed for a majority of today.
So now I’m moving onto my plans for November…
  1. Get back into training..YAY!!!! I’ve been experiencing some MAJOR runners envy today while I read all those tweets about the marathons that took place.
  2. Actually HELP put together Thanksgiving. I usually just show up with wine and dessert I ordered from the Cheesecake Factory. I’ll have to kick it up a notch.
  3. Attempt to cook more <— the REAL challenge.
How do you feel about group exercise classes?
Who else gets their heart broken over NFL games?