Ok fine, maybe life hasn’t really been THAT exciting. But I actually did get sick. And anyone who actually knows me and my family will know that I almost NEVER get sick. Usually I’ll encounter a short cold or minor headache for a day, but nothing I can’t get over in 24 hours. But today, my immune system failed me and I woke up to a gnarly fever and the inability to swallow without pain. BOOOOO. What I realized is that sometimes, you need to give your body AND brain a break from time to time. And this whole silly sick day might be nature’s way of telling me to slow down. Plus, it was really fun to snuggle with Zoey.

So let’s play catch up shall we?

Half Mary #3 Training

I planned on kicking up my training at ‘full force’ this week. Yesterday, I started to feel a little cold coming along and I was warned by my sister to not run and rest. But did I listen? Of course not. I think I’m cool and tough and hard core- so I knocked out 4 miles at a 10 min pace. Apparently, it’s really cold over here in Orange County in the evenings, so to prevent getting sick (HAHA, the irony) I hit the treadmill. I felt good. It’s always lovely to sweat it and and I really didn’t feel any sicker. Boy was I wrong.

Oh yeah…I think I can finally call myself a runner. I finally purchased a Garmin. Holy hell right? It arrived late last week and I took it for a spin (or run?) Saturday afternoon because I chose to sleep in. What did I learn? I need to take my time in the beginning and not run like a crazy to prevent positive splits. Once my pace starts getting less embarrassing..maybe I’ll start sharing those minor (actually major) details with you all.

I wisely took today OFF from all exercise and any movement at all actually. Hopefully I feel a little better tomorrow and can at least get some form of exercise in there. In a perfect world, I’d be in tip top shape by Thursday so I can eat a ton for Thanksgiving and start the day out with a 5 miler with my best friend. I’ll keep you all posted.

Now for something exciting…I WENT TO A CONCERT!!!!!

And it rocked my socks off. My cousin and I went to a last minute show by the Cold War Kids at the legendary Troubadour in Los Angeles. If any of you EVER get the chance to go to a show here…GO! It’s a super small and intimate setting…and I’m ALL about those when it comes to watching bands play.

For anyone who cares or knows who the Cold War Kids – they are UNREAL live! I’ve seen a glimpse of them once at Coachella this past year, but didn’t get to stay for their whole set. This was really a treat. Their singer has a ridiculous voice and their sound is so distinct.

Also, I’m in love with the singer.

They played a full 2 hour set (with THREE encores, that’s how much love we were giving them) and we didn’t get out till about midnight. And what’s a late night out with good music without some late night food? My cousin is kinda cool and agreed to indulge in some Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles in the heart of Long Beach. Man, that place is a heart attack in a room. But SOOOO delicious. We seriously both felt like we were going to yack and die after eating our food…in the best way possible!

Sorry about the horrible lighting. But the place has pink neon lights everywhere.

Exciting thing #2

I saw Breaking Dawn with 3 of my aunts, my good girlfriend, sisters and 3 gal cousins. It was an absolute trip. Of course, the movie was so bad it was good (like 80s music). I will not complain about watching the handsome vampires and werewolves either. Some candy made the experience better too…

Don’t worry people- I shared most of that with my family because I’m oh-so-nice.

Exciting Thing #3

A good friend got these in the mail…

YEP – we’re going to see My Morning Jacket Play at the Gibson Amphitheater next Thursday!!!! If you don’t know who they are …look them up and let me know what you think. They have become one of my favorite bands as of lately.

Exciting Thing #4

THANKSGIVING – DUH. Since I’m not trusted with cooking…I’m in charge of the drinks (this is expected). However, I don’t like to half-ass this type of thing so I might have to go all out. Stay tuned for the coolness that I produce.

Random thing that made me laugh…

My sister is ridiculous and heartless.


What do you usually contribute to Thanksgiving/Family dinners???Β 


Aside from the holidays…what exciting things are coming up for you?