Hey – remember when I used to blog? Let’s try to get back to that. Hopefully I’m not the only one getting swept away with the busy holiday season. As things cool down (who knows when that will be)…I do plan on stalking blogs on a regular basis again. I just wanted to let you all know that I have NOT fallen off the face of the earth!

So what have I been up to lately? Or at least since I last posted….

I went to Boulder. And this is the freaking weather that I flew into. For a girl that has only lived in southern California…this was rather ridiculous. I almost laughed when my plane landed and the pilot said ‘Welcome to the Mile High City, it is 1 degrees outside’.

I also drove in ice and snow for the first time in my entire life. All you east coast/midwest/snow people can start laughing now. Anywho, this was my first time traveling for work and my first time traveling by MYSELF! This was a big growing up move people. I’ve flown to Rome by myself, but at least I was meeting people I knew and staying at a place where all my friends were. Nope- not this time. I flew to Denver, drove to Boulder and stayed in a hotel alone. All other colleagues were staying elsewhere. Upon check-in, which was around 7PM, I was still wide awake so I went for a short 3 miler in the hotel gym and watched Hart of Dixie. If you don’t already watch it – you should really start. And yes, I did call my mom about 5 times in one night and video chatted with my sister. Like I always say…baby steps people.

This is what I woke up to. Snow! It was also a warmer…23 degrees. WOOHOO!

I don’t usually recommend snapping photos while driving…but I don’t see snow often. It’s kind of a big deal to me.

Because it was ‘warmer’ and I packed more running clothes than normal clothes…I thought I’d give the cold weather running a try. It was actually quite pretty.

And what did I learn?

  • my face gets FROZEN…as in I wasn’t sure if my face was moving or showing emotion once I walked back indoors
  • I love running in cold weather more than I thought – I liked sporting my long sleeves, pants and ear warmers
  • It took me almost twice as long to really warm up
I did 4.15 miles in icy 23 degrees. I kind of wish I took more pictures. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to go back.

Once I thought that I was a ‘real’ blogger because I talked about a particular topic (running). Then I thought I was one because I talked about how much I loved food and music. And then I really thought I was a running blogger when I bought my first Garmin. Now, I really really am a blogger because I met another one…IN PERSON. OMFG. I had tentative beer drinking plans with some colleagues later in the evening – and I could only kill time alone for SO LONG. I immediately thought of one blogger who I knew was in the Boulder area and shot her an email. After I sent it…I was HORRIFIED. Because it very well could be: creepy, weird, dangerous…the list can go out. Well, Thao at SnapShotsofHappiness was so kind and suggested an awesome micro brewery to meet at for dinner. And it was so fun and glad I took the plunge!! I got to taste my fav IPA ever (Mountain Sun FYIPA) and nerd out about running, food and much more with another blogger.

Me with beer – that’s nothing new.

My sampler. People should also warn me about how fast one can get drunk in high altitude. YIKES.

After my dinner – I met up with colleagues at a few other micro breweries in Boulder (if I remembered the names or took pics, I would have shared them). The night was kind of a blur due to the 3 other samplers I had… But I DO remember safely getting dropped off by a cab, packing and waking up at 5Am to make my early flight! I figured that I should really take advantage of my youth while I have it. So partying late into the night on business trip, hopping on an early flight home and then straight back into the office in Lululemon sweats…its TOTALLY ACCEPTABLE (for now).

Even though I logged a good amount of running…about 7 miles…while I was in Boulder, I still was feeling puffy. It may or may not have had something to do with all the booze I drank. And even though I was feeling like a stuffed sausage, and I was moody, tired and unmotivated and surprised my friends still talked to me. Then one of my BFFs sent me this:

And ya know what? Bitch was right? We’re BFFs for a reason. I was a moody, negative Nelly all day…and when I finally got my run on the next day, I was a whole new person!!! Sometimes, you need a swift kick in the ass to get moving…but little sparks of inspiration do the trick too.

Seeing this little ray of sunshine on my desk also helped me get into the Christmas spirit:

I have 3 baby cousins who are born on Nov. 30 (boy), December 10 (older girl) and December 12 (little one)…and yep, they’re all siblings! Crazy, right? So to celebrate and steal them away all to ourselves, me, my mom and sisters took them for a day of shoe shopping with a side of caffeine free blended mochas and chocolate croissants at the mall!

They are seriously…the light of our lives (other than Zoey!).

Here are the two pretty girls in their new sparkly Toms!

I still run…

And I’ve actually started running more regularly! This past Saturday I completed a solid 6 miles at a 10:13/minute pace.

It’s weird how much faster I started to run now that I have been tracking my speed as I go. Last time, I was running shorter distances at a slower pace more frequently. This time, I’m testing this running 3-4 miles during the week faster less frequently. I’m sprinkling more spin classes and cross training in there. So far, so good. But I guess I’ll find out more in January…

Another weird thing is that I think its time for new shoes. This is without a doubt the fastest I’ve ever burned through shoes! Definitely exciting…maybe I really am a runner now 🙂

I’m kind of stoked on the cooler low 60s weather that we’re experiencing here in Orange County. It actually rained Monday and Tuesday this week! Rain weather = soup eating & Bon Iver listening. I decided on some awesome ramen.

Some things to look forward too:

– attempting snowboarding/skiing in Big Bear this weekend!!!


How is all your xmas shopping going?

Any fun winter/xmas trips planned?

Do you run everyday? or cross train or take rest days?