First things first…my aunt is really strict and ‘Type A’- so in a mass family email regarding Christmas Eve, she demanded that we all wear ‘red or green only’. Seriously. People in my family write this kind of stuff and we actually listen. Not only do we all listen (yes, I have a red sassy dress ready to go!), but even the damn dog’s get adorned in the appropriate colors.

Isn’t Zoey the cutest? I don’t really know what that weird ruffle is about and I usually hate animals with clothing on…but she’s the exception to everything.


Now lets talk about how I forgot to run for FOUR DAYS IN A ROW. 

Ok, I lie. I didn’t forget.

Thursday… I was really too lazy to run after a long and mind boggling day in the office. And I like to believe that I was meant to stay in and pack for my weekend trip up to Big Bear because it ended up raining. The rain was a GLORIOUS thing because that meant that there would be plenty of snow on the slopes!

I actually probably should have sucked it up and ran on a treadmill because I was restless all night. Even after I was fully packed I kept pacing and I couldn’t even sleep. I would usually blame that behavior on excitement for a fun weekend away…but I don’t get excited for things like that until an hour before all the fun starts.

Friday… I met up with some friends who had a meeting in Irvine (near my office) to carpool up to the mountains! Aside from the HORRIFIC traffic that Southern California is famous for…the ride was full of awesome conversation and my boyfriend for the weekend…JOCKO! Isn’t he so handsome?

Other people arrived before us. So they got the hot tub going, set out some appetizers and opened a bottle of Jameson. I mean…could life get ANY BETTER? Well, the answer is YES. Because it started to snow Friday night and apparently Saturday morning too because we opened up the blinds and saw THIS:

Yep – we got a sweet ‘cabin’ right on Big Bear Lake. We also found frozen towels and buried beer cans and empty bottles of booze under some of that snow. That lovely picture above meant that we had some fresh powder on the mountain and I was stoked!

Most of my friends are seasoned snowboarders that hail from Vancouver, Michigan, Northern Illinois, Wisconsin and Montana. Then there was me. Seriously, the only California native. While I have gone snowboarding all zero times in my life, I stuck to what I know – skiing. Luckily, another fellow was a skier so I didn’t feel like a total doofus.

While some people rushed to hit up some crazy ass black diamond courses…I was smart and slowly made my way up to that point. Thanks to my favorite SD girlfriend for being oh-so-patient with me!

Ya know what else was cool?? The fact that it snowed for most of the day. It was like fresh runs constantly throughout the day. It was awesome. I actually liked the runs in the morning the best because there were less people to run into. And later on, I really couldn’t see and I was afraid of running into a tree or something. True story. You can call me a wuss, it’s cool.

We took many breaks. There are sweet bars in the middle of some of the runs, so whether or not we should have stopped to have a few brewskis and make friends was not even a question. Those bars are genius!

Later that night, after our family dinner, we decided to party like college students and play ‘Kings Cup’ (or Waterfalls or whatever you want to call it). Everyone sort of has their own set of rules they play with, so we did our best to combine everyone’s version. Below is someone who broke a rule- and the punishment was to sit with their forehead on the table until another person broke a rule. It was too funny to NOT post.

A picture that I was sad I was not fast enough to capture was the pic of everyone ‘Tebowing’ due to a new rule someone made up. Classic.

Sunday…it snowed again. Sadly, we had to get the heck out of our cabin by 10AM because the people we rented from are weird. Another sad thing was that we didn’t hit the slops again because we woke up to more snow. Somewhere on those piles of snow are snow angels we made post jacuzzi session.

While some people rallied and went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the Packers lose to the Chiefs (can you believe it?) – my carpool buddies and I were smart and opted to go home and SLEEP. After two nights of too much booze and a day on the slopes…I WAS SPENT. Ya  wanna know what else was spent? My hamstrings and ass. They were sore as hell. And because I’m crazy…

Monday came along and I counted FOUR days that I went without running and freaked the eff out. So I made tonight’s gym session worth it:

4 miles on the treadmill with some weird intervals followed but a ‘butt blaster’ spin class. Yep – I wanted to die a little during the class. But I am so glad I went. It made dinner tonight taste that much better.

Do you freak out when you skip running/exercising too many days in a row, or is it just me?

Snowboarding or skiing?